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23andMe Therapeutics

23andMe Therapeutics focuses on interpreting biological insights about immunological and inflammatory diseases and cancer to create potentially significant new therapies and drugs.

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Key Services

Digital Strategy, UI/UX Design, Full-Stack Development, Custom WordPress Theme

The Objective

23andMe Therapeutics has unique access to the world’s largest recontactable human genome database, which allows them to research diseases and develop therapies for them.


Because 23andMe is most well-known as the company that performs DNA testing for its consumers, it was essential to differentiate 23andMe Therapeutics from that aspect of the business.


Additionally, the website needed to be easier to update and reflect their new rebranding to appeal to investors and match other competitive biotech companies.


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01. Design System

Global Design

23andMe Therapeutics wanted their website to have a modern feel to appeal to investors, other biotech companies, and fellow researchers.


To do that, the design incorporated a minimalist aesthetic with strategic use of white space and brighter colors for visual accents and CTA’s.


The content also needed to be presented in a more approachable way, which is why rounded effects were used in the design, while the copy had a straighter edge.

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02. Research

Research &

23andMe Therapeutics faced a number of challenges with their website, which we were able to assist with. They needed their website to have updated branding to appeal to their target audiences, a platform that was easily accessible to update frequently, and a pipeline feature to effortlessly add the new trials and drugs they’re researching.


This all needed to be done on an urgent timeline. We were able to deliver a stunning website in just 10 weeks.


We did this for them by creating more digestible content with visual representations of the information and developing more detailed pipelines so that it’s easier to update. The design is modern and clean, with eye-catching CTA’s to make the website more navigable.

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03. Creative


When first seeing the home page, it’s striking how clean the aesthetic is. The user’s eyes are immediately drawn to the captivating headline and an explanation of what this facet of 23andMe does. Within it is an approachable lifestyle image with rounded edges to offer a better picture of the focus of the company.


This is followed by three sections, each with a short description of the topic and a lifestyle image to match. There are clear, eye-catching CTA’s at the bottom of each section to offer the user the opportunity to learn more about each topic. There is also an impressive quote from the company’s CEO in gradient explaining the ultimate goal of 23andMe Therapeutics.


Toward the bottom of the home page, there is an area that displays their latest research and a link to view all of the research that they’ve done over the years.

23andMe - 11 - Homepage - Sec01
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Mobile Design

23andMe’s website redesign was adapted to be extremely mobile-friendly so that it can be accessed easily through multiple devices. While the mobile version differs from the website slightly, they are both effective in performing their goals.

23andMe - 12 - Mobile Design

Historic Timeline

One highlight of the redesign is the About Us page, which features a timeline of the history of the 23andMe Therapeutics. Not only is it visually appealing with the use of the brand color’s in a gradient, but it also delves further into details of what the company does and the programs that are being worked on. This feature is particularly impactful for their key demographics: investors, researchers, and potential partners.

23andMe - 13 - Historic Timeline - Sec01
23andMe - 13 - Historic Timeline - Sec02
23andMe - 05 - Historic Timeline - Sec01
23andMe - 05 - Historic Timeline - Sec02
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Resource Center

The 23andMe website redesign ensures that all resources are organized so that whatever the user is looking for, they will find it easily. They are all collected under the News & Resources page, covering program details, blogs, news, press releases, research, collaborations, and company news.


All of these resources are organized by type and then can be filtered by what year they were posted. It was essential that the content was not only digestible but also well-organized to ensure that any information on the website could be found easily.

23andMe - 13 - Resource Center - Sec01
23andMe - 05 - Resource Center - Sec01
23andMe - 05 - Resource Center - Sec02

Dynamic Pipeline

A major goal of the redesign was to create a more detailed pipeline so that the projects that are currently being worked on could be easily integrated. The pipeline we implemented is easy to update and presents the different programs in an approachable way for their key demographics.


Additionally, the programs that are presented utilize colorful visuals to enhance their copy and make the more technical information digestible.

23andMe - 13 - Dynamic Pipeline - Sec01
23andMe - 13 - Dynamic Pipeline - Sec02
23andMe - 05 - Dynamic Pipeline - Sec01
23andMe - 05 - Dynamic Pipeline - Sec02
23andMe - 05 - Dynamic Pipeline - Sec03
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