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Harmony Bay

Harmony Bay is an outpatient behavioral health service that provides primary mental health treatment programs for psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and co-occurring substance use disorders.

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Harmony Bay Logo (White)





Key Services

Copywriting, Digital Strategy, Full-stack Development, Salesforce Integration, Technical SEO, UI/UX Design

The Objective

Harmony Bay had developed a stellar reputation as a leading behavioral health service provider.


With expansion into three (soon to be five) new locations, they were now receiving interest nation wide.


Their website at the time did an ok job of supporting their local clientele, but was not suited to the needs of their expanding business.


They needed a website that was easy to update, more focused on booking appointments, and aligned visually with the sophistication of their business.

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Outcomes & results


Patient Applications


Organic Search Traffic


Bounce Rate

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"Our patient applications almost instantly doubled after the launch of the new website."


Colin Studwell, Chief Operating Officer at Advantage Behavioral Health


Harmony Bay - 05 - Before


Harmony Bay - 05 - After
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01. Design System

Global Design

Many of Harmony Bay’s competitors relied heavily on dated stock photography. To avoid that, we came up with a design system that allowed us to mix custom illustration and iconography with a minimal amount of stock photos.


We also chose to pivot them to a calming cool color palette of blues and earth tones. This aligned well with the industry overall, and still allowed us to give them an elevated feel.

Harmony Bay - 06 - Type Card (Heading)
Harmony Bay - 06 - Type Card (Body)
Harmony Bay - 06 - Type Card (Colors)
Harmony Bay - 07 - UI Kit
Harmony Bay - 01 - UI Kit
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02. Research

Research &

Patients and family members of patients are often in a state of overwhelm when starting the search for a behavioral health service provider. Information such as “what therapies are offered?”, “what insurance do you take?”, and “how can I book an appointment?” topped the list of concerns.


To combat this, we needed to focus on making navigation concise and content extremely easy to skim through.

Harmony Bay - 08 - Persona Card (01)
Harmony Bay - 08 - Persona Card (02)
Harmony Bay - 08 - Persona Card (03).png
Harmony Bay - 09 - Sitemap
Harmony Bay - 02 - Sitemap
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Harmony Bay - 10 - Wireframe Card (02)
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03. Creative


When you enter the Harmony Bay website you are immediately greeted with a custom graphic on a cool light blue background. Accompanied with th message: “Heal The Mind, Body & Spirit” our objective was to immediately give prospective clients a sigh of relief.


As you travel down the page we make key information such as “How It Works”, “Insurances Accepted”, and “Services” obvious and apparent.

Harmony Bay - 11 - Homepage - Sec1
Harmony Bay - 11 - Homepage - Sec2
Harmony Bay - 11 - Homepage - Sec3
Harmony Bay - 11 - Homepage - Sec4
Harmony Bay - 11 - Homepage - Sec5
Harmony Bay - 03 - Homepage - Sec01
Harmony Bay - 03 - Homepage - Sec02
Harmony Bay - 03 - Homepage - Sec03
Harmony Bay - 03 - Homepage - Sec04
Harmony Bay - 03 - Homepage - Sec05
Harmony Bay - 03 - Homepage - Sec06
Harmony Bay - 03 - Homepage - Sec07
Harmony Bay - 03 - Homepage - Sec08

Mobile Experience

With 68% of Harmony Bay's traffic originating from mobile visitors, we wanted to ensure the mobile experience was as effective.


Graphics are repositioned to ensure the connectivity between elements still makes sense, and content is consolidated into accordions or sliders to limit the amount of vertical scrolling prospects need to do.

Harmony Bay - 12 - Mobile Experience

Provider Directory

Over the years Harmony Bay’s provider directory had expanded to hundreds of medical professionals. Prior to our engagement, the only real information you could get for these individuals on the site was a name and photo, with a link off to a third party site. Even with this little information, it was clunky and difficult to manage.


We saw a huge opportunity to improve this, and created a custom directory built into WordPress to house the information of these providers.


We opted to highlight key information such as insurances they accept and specialties. We also provided a robust filter capability so that prospective clients could find their perfect match.


Lastly, we added the ability for patients to book directly with the individual from the website, which in turn increased booked appointments by 178.01%.

Harmony Bay - 13 - Provider Directory - Sec01
Harmony Bay - 04 - Providers - Sec01

Therapies Pages

Therapies Pages presented a massive opportunity from both a sales and organic search perspective.


These pages were often visited on the existing site, but suffered from low time on page and little indication of conversion. They also did not have the amount of traction from search engines one would expect.


We focused on re-organizing these pages to better answer questions patients had. This was a hit with both clients and search engines alike.

Harmony Bay - 13 - Therapies Page - Sec01
Harmony Bay - 13 - Therapies Page - Sec02
Harmony Bay - 13 - Therapies Page - Sec03
Harmony Bay - 13 - Therapies Page - Sec04
Harmony Bay - 04 - Therapies Page - Sec01
Harmony Bay - 04 - Therapies Page - Sec02
Harmony Bay - 04 - Therapies Page - Sec03
Harmony Bay - 04 - Therapies Page - Sec04
Harmony Bay - 04 - Therapies Page - Sec05
Harmony Bay - 04 - Therapies Page - Sec06

Become A Provider

With expansion into new states it was important that Harmony Bay continued to expand it’s pool of talented providers.


Previously, the only information the website had for becoming a provider was limited to a single downloadable form.


We decided to transform this into a page that spoke more directly to the benefits of becoming part of their network and the requirements they were seeking. We also transformed the paper application into an intuitive multi-step application you could do directly on the site.

Harmony Bay - 13 - Become A Provider - Sec01
Harmony Bay - 13 - Become A Provider - Sec02
Harmony Bay - 04 - Become A Provider - Sec01
Harmony Bay - 04 - Become A Provider - Sec02
Harmony Bay - 04 - Become A Provider - Sec03

Multi-Step Application

There was no getting around it – applying to be a patient of Harmony Bay was going to require a lot of fields.


To minimize the overwhelm someone would face, we chose to break up this application process into four clearly defined steps. This switch ended up increasing application completions by 63.96%

Harmony Bay - 13 - Book An Appointment - Sec01
Harmony Bay - 04 - Book An Appointment - Sec01
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