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With competition being higher than ever, how do you convince companies you’re the right vendor for them?


You Have A Story To Tell

Your website needs to further establish your brand’s identity. Creating a connection between who you are as an organization and your customer through a memorable experience is vital. Your platform should be visually compelling, communicate your differentiators, and tell your brand’s story.


Our web design approach is based on this principle: experiences that people enjoy form the strongest connections between a brand and its audience. Our process always starts with our user, and through strategic design, we craft systems that surprise and delight while providing deeper relevance and greater value.


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B2B Website Process & Insights

B2B Experience
How long does an average B2B website development project take?

We're usually able to deliver the initial phase of a b2b website re-design in 60-90 days.

What does a projects team configuration typically look like?

Each b2b web development project receives a dedicated project manager, digital strategist, designer, and developer.


Depending on the e-commerce website development project's scope and size, we may expand that team to include additional designers, developers, content writers, and asset creators.

Can you explain your discovery process?

During our discovery & strategy phase we create various user personas and user flows that help us understand what we want to communicate with our users and how to do it. We send surveys to your existing customers and cross compare what's important to them.


Now that we’ve mapped out the three to five most important topic points to each persona, we can leverage a combination of large imagery, consistent icons and colors, as well as video throughout the website that will help create a connection with the user and educate them on a potential experience that they might have from using your service.

How involved does my team need to be during discovery?

This part’s highly collaborative, and we enjoy our client’s input. We’ll be incorporating existing branding, gathering feedback on new elements, pitching aesthetics, and seeking approval on layouts.

Will you work on an existing website or do you have to build the website from scratch?

We definitely work with existing B2B websites to improve them. Those engagements are typically on a monthly retainer basis, with a retainer minimum of $2500/per month.

How do you handle performance optimization for your websites?

We start by following best practices: minimizing server requests, compressing images, videos, css, javascript, and HTML to their bare minimum. We often connect our clients with third party CDN services such as CloudFlare to run parallel requests and improve overall performance.


Post launch, and on a monthly basis we monitor site performance overall leveraging tools like Pingdom. With various content managers using the platform, sometimes best practices are overlooked. Our goal is to effectively correct and minimize that impact.

Do you design with a mobile first approach?

We actually implement an “audience first” approach to design. We examine our customers platforms and optimize the design to fit where the majority of their traffic comes from. So for customers who receive the majority of their traffic from mobile devices, we’ll optimize for mobile devices first. If a customer receives the majority of their traffic via desktop, we’ll prioritize that instead.

How easy is it to manage the websites you build?

We prioritize non-technical users on our B2B website development projects. Our goal is to get someone who could edit a Microsoft Word document comfortable with editing their website.

B2B Experience
What industries do you have experience with?

We've worked with many clients across multiple industries, but we most often find ourselves working on B2B websites for clients in the industrial, technology, professional services, and SaaS fields. 

Who are some of your B2B website clients?

We've worked with Alliant Insights, Arkadium, Des Case, Eastern Effects, Infinity Solar, Live Nation, M&C Saatchi, Navatar Group, Proton Onsite, STV Inc, We're Magnetic to name a few.

How do you build B2B websites that earn more leads?

From how the content of the page is structured to the placement of calls to actions, we can craft websites that funnel prospects into leads.


Leads are the lifeblood of any B2B organization. Through a better looking branded platform, content that’s aligned with the customer’s goals, and a strong understanding of user behavior we’re able to deliver online experiences that turn passive prospects into active leads.

How do your B2B websites establish clients as thought leaders?

Your company is filled with bright minds brimming with helpful content. We create systems to share that content with the world.


Highlighting the thoughts and minds of your organization can be the difference maker your brand needs to outshine your competition. We help brands create helpful, informative, and expandable online resources out of their sites which customers can rely on.

What software integrations do you have experience with?

We live in an amazing time where third party software exists to enhance all aspects of business. We not only help businesses integrate these tools, but we often consult on which tools are the best fit.


It’s easier, from an operational perspective, to business now than ever before. The influx of software available to brands large and small has created solutions for HR, sales, customer service, marketing, and more. We help brands identify and integrate the right tools their business needs.


A brief, and incomplete list of software we worked with in the past are Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Infusion Soft, Aweber, Drip, MailChimp, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Do you offer 24 hour support to your clients?

We don’t offer 24 hour support, but we do offer emergency services report that go beyond our normal business hours (9a-6p)

Would you train my staff on how to use the website?

We offer full-documentation for our e-commerce website development platforms. We also can host in person or virtual workshops to help train key staff members on best practice, and general website management.

Do you handle regular website maintenance?

Yes, our monthly maintenance retainers start at $300/month and cover back-ups, updates, bug fixes, and performance testing.

Can't find your answer?

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to call us, we'd be more than happy to speak with you: 631-393-6116

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