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20+ Best B2B Websites: What Makes Them Great.


July 2, 2024

2024.06.18.15 of the Best B2B Websites, and What Makes Them Great-100
20+ Best B2B Websites: What Makes Them Great

Designing websites for business to business (B2B) audiences is a unique challenge. Your B2B website has to consider all the nuances, from longer sales cycles to different modes of persuasion, that selling to business buyers requires.

Get it right, though, and your business can reap the rewards.

In today’s B2B environment, your website can determine the success or failure of your marketing efforts. It’s a credibility builder, information hub, and lead conversion machine.

What Makes the Best B2B Websites Unique for Their Target Audience

B2B websites are unique because of their audience. You’re not selling to consumers who are randomly browsing your Amazon store.

Instead, you’re selling to business customers, often buying teams, who are performing extensive research to make a final decision.

That’s why B2B businesses typically have longer sales cycles. It’s also why the website becomes so important for generating qualified leads for further follow-ups and nurturing.

The best B2B website designs reflect this. They’re not just engaging but also offer a large amount of relevant information and natural lead conversion opportunities. Their website does a great job of marketing and positioning themselves as one of the top B2B companies to their target audience.

How We’ve Ranked Our Best B2B Sites

It’s simple: we went by experience. After all, our portfolio of B2B website designs has given our team plenty of real-life experience in this unique and nuanced field.

Take Extensis HR as an example. In redesigning its website for a friendlier approach without losing credibility and streamlining the information flow, Huemor was able to reduce bounce rates by 85% while increasing qualified leads by more than 130%.

That experience has guided our rankings of the top 24 B2B sites below. In fact, each ranking was chosen by our knowledgeable team members, who shared their favorite parts and pieces. Let’s dive in!

1. Moo

Image of Moo Home Page
Moo’s home page features a unique design with a professional font and excellent use of customer reviews.

It’s essential for a company that focuses on stationary and business card printing to get its website design right.

Moo knew this, and they delivered.

The homepage design, in particular, stands out immediately. While clean and straightforward, it still brings out a unique brand personality. It helps visitors instantly identify Moo’s value proposition and understand what the company offers. It subtly shows off just what Moo can do in terms of design.

A clean, professional font only helps to convince a business audience of this brand’s credibility.

Including customer reviews is another nice touch that builds instant audience trust. The volume of reviews shared (more than 17,000 at the time of this writing) removes any doubt about the quality of its products.

2. Fooda

Image of Fooda Home Page
Fooda’s home page features images that communicate their service well and easily distinguishable navigation.

Fooda serves a basic need: providing meals to businesses through office lunch services. That type of niche can make for a difficult website to build, as it’s not easy to explain immediately.

But Fooda’s website is up to the task. Its homepage illustrations are not just nice visuals, but they immediately communicate the service and value proposition to site visitors.

The same approach carries through the symbols in the homepage navigation, easily distinguishing between the types of clients this company serves. For even more in-depth information, case studies linked straight from the homepage provide in-depth social proof.

It doesn’t end there, either. Linking recent blog posts at the bottom of the homepage gives readers a natural next step to gather more information.

Finally, its service pages are clean, straightforward, and link directly to lead generation forms with an option to discuss the details of a potential partnership.


Lead generation is a big part of B2B companies’ websites, but finding the time for lead generation can be tricky! Check out our article for great resources that could help your business generate leads.

3. Agendrix

Image of Agendrix Home Page
Agendrix’s home page features a modern design with high-quality graphics and well-placed CTAs.

While online workforce management software may not be the most accessible topic, Agendrix manages to make their websites feel modern, friendly, and welcoming. They do this through their color palette of muted tones that blend well with their gradient usage. 

To add further to their visual appeal, they used high-quality graphics that support their text content. There is a nice balance between people and product imagery that is particularly effective.

Another well-executed aspect of their website is their well-placed CTAs and the way that their metrics and social proof are presented. It leaves no room for doubt about where you need to go on the website or whether they’re trustworthy or not. 

4. Targit

Image of Targit Home Page
Tagit’s home page features a vibrant hero image and clearly identified case studies.

Business intelligence can be a complex topic to communicate. The term has become a buzzword, making it difficult for real experts to distinguish themselves.

Enter Targit, a business intelligence suite that’s not afraid to showcase its expertise.

That starts with the hero image, whose vibrant colors catch the eye and immediately draw in the user. This contrasts nicely with the clean and simple design of the rest of the homepage, whose muted colors make a conscious effort to put information and content first.

Speaking of content, Targit has clearly identified case studies as a central way toward credibility. This is shown through the success stories of current and past clients, who are highlighted prominently on its website. By strategically placing this website content, Targit guides visitors to calls to action and creates a visual hierarchy that prioritizes important information.

Finally, we have to talk about the Resource Center. Through guides, webinars, videos, and other media, Targit has built a constant stream of free content any business can leverage. By the time the user finishes browsing through them, the brand naturally emerges as a go-to business intelligence partner.

5. Extensis

Image of Extensis Home Page
Extensis’s home page features approachable animations, standout design elements, and playful chat bubbles.

HR can be a relatively dry topic, but Extensis’s web design, featuring animations alongside playful curves and shapes, makes the brand much more approachable than many of their competitors.

They also add dimensions, allowing design elements to seemingly pop off the page while browsing.

This concept is best exemplified through chat bubbles, which pop up across the entire page to highlight user stories, cases, and more. Clear service categorization based on business size allows for more streamlined decision-making for buyers.

Are we bragging a bit? Maybe. But when you’re able to take steps like turning your own About Us page design best practices into a site that converts significantly more leads, it’s hard not to,


Shameless plug! Check out our case study on how we helped Extensis create an awesome website.

6. Newfront

Image of Newfront Home Page
Newfront’s home page features a strong brand presence, unique color usage, and easy navigation.

The first thing that users notice when they enter the Newfront website is their strong brand presence. Their color usage is unique, primarily focusing on black and white but also incorporating bold primary colors to draw the user’s eye. 

The website is extremely easy to navigate with its clean look and user-friendly experience. Both the text content and the CTAs are displayed effectively and in a succinct manner. This makes the content easier to digest, and knowing where to go next is as easy as clicking a button. 

But what makes the Newfront website exceptional is their use of subtle micro animations, like hover states, smooth scrolling, and line animations. These create an experience that is well-polished and sophisticated. 

7. Forma Studio

Image of Forma Studio Home Page
Forma’s homepage features unique colors and typography that make their brand stand out.

Right from the first glance at the homepage, the Forma website is not only visually striking but also makes the creative nature of their business obvious. The use of unique shades of orange as both a backdrop and typography color immediately makes the website stand out.

The content on the website is well-organized and integrated with an ample amount of white space, enhancing the visual appeal by making everything easily digestible and not overwhelming while still keeping visual interest.

Another aspect of the website that keeps it stimulating without being overpowering is its strategic use of mini animations. These animations show off their work in an intriguing way, which is essential for their industry.

8. Rocka

Image of Rocka Home Page
Rocka’s home page features bold design choices for their colors, fonts, and images.

The transition to remote work has received plenty of attention over the past couple of years. Brands like Rocka are able to leverage that attention through their business-focused websites.

Traditional B2B marketers may not think of targeting businesses as bold, but that’s exactly what this website does. Bold colors, bold fonts, and bold statements all span across the entire screen.

It doesn’t hurt that the Greek elements throughout the page offer both a subtle contrast to its future-oriented value proposition and a fitting tribute to the movement on the entire site. The bold design choices effectively communicate Rocka’s unique value proposition, ensuring that visitors can instantly recognize what they have to offer.

Scrolling here is smooth and engaging; subtle animations make the transitions from one section to the next appear seamless, and that look and feel carry throughout the entire website.

This allows the homepage to be more minimalist than initial impressions suggest, with the information being presented more linearly than other, less bold websites.

9. Stripe

Image of Stripe Home Page
Stripe’s home page features their note-worthy partners to immediately gain trust, interesting colors, and animated icons.

Stripe processes business payments, so their website has to focus on communicating credibility. The fact that its trustworthy partners like Amazon and Google are displayed so prominently on the homepage suggests that the brand knows exactly what it has to accomplish.

Our team was especially impressed by the design of this page for a few other reasons, as well. For example, the subtle vertical lines that aren’t even noticeable at first suggest scrolling down without seeming obtrusive. Once scrolling, slanted lines, motion graphics, and animated icons are sure to catch and keep the user’s attention.

The site also takes an interesting approach to colors. Blues and navy colors remain the focus, but others are brought in as subtle highlights to add more depth. 

10. Grammarly

Image of Grammarly Home Page
Grammarly’s home page features a clean and simple design with plenty of whitespace.

Helping websites and writers improve their grammar is not the most exciting topic. Instead of trying to force interest through wild design, the Grammarly website aims to be straightforward and clean.

And that’s exactly what they do. The design is clean and simple, and the colors match the overall aesthetic and value proposition. Through plenty of whitespace, the website seems open, and each word is given more weight.

Additionally, Grammarly is not afraid to show off real grammar edits on its homepage, showing exactly what its services can do for a business through simple animations.

Keeping things simple, the only navigation is in the website’s footer design, with all other homepage links leading directly to conversion opportunities. Talk about a streamlined experience, especially on mobile devices.

11. Digital Remedy

Image of Digital Remedy Page
Digital Remedy’s home page features a dark color palette, strategic use of brand elements, and an interesting use of animation.

One of the most unique aspects of the Digital Remedy website, its dark color palette, jumps out at the user immediately when they first visit. It instantly distinguishes itself from the majority of other websites that are white. This, paired with their strategic incorporation of branded elements, makes this website a stand out. 

Other aspects of this website that make it a cut above the rest is its interesting use of animation, like their 3D logo mark in the hero header on the home page.There are also extremely strong designs for their solution level pages that make them both engaging and informative. 

You can view their full case study on our website. 

12. Square

Image of Square Home Page
Square’s home page features a striking contrast in black and white backdrops and extremely high-quality graphics.

The first thing that users notice about the Square website is just how visually interesting it is. The stark contrast of the backdrops when you scroll from black to white and black again creates interest without distracting from the content. 

The website visually also boasts stunningly high-quality images and graphics, as well as micro animations that show off how their products work. Overall, these elements create a smooth and seamless browsing experience. 

Another impressive aspect of the B2B website is the effort that went into its effectiveness. The content is targeted at their audience, and the language on the CTAs is optimized for conversion. 

Square also utilizes their testimonials and case studies to build trust with their users and prove that they are one of the top companies to work with in the industry. 

13. Netbase Quid

Image of Netbase Quid Home Page
Netbase Quid’s homepage features well-placed imagery, social proof, and individualized sections to avoid information overload.

Another business intelligence solution, this one takes a more traditional approach than the Targit example above. It’s just as effective, though.

From the start, Netbase Quid focuses its homepage design on information. But despite its breadth, the brand avoids crossing the line to information overload by tying the individual sections together nicely.

Well-placed imagery and graphics break up what could be overkill in other cases. For example, each service area is color-coded, directing the user’s eye toward exactly what they’re looking for.

Netbase Quid also shows off social proof in a dominant but unobtrusive way. Brand logos like Walmart and the New York Times speak for themselves, while links to further case studies help to convince buying teams to trust this brand with their data.

14. Dropbox Business

Image of Dropbox Business Home Page
Dropbox’s home page features transparent pricing information, intuitive navigation, and a clean and professional feel.

It’s tough to distinguish yourself in the cloud storage space alongside players like Microsoft, Google, and Apple. However, Dropbox Business sure makes a strong play for superiority.

First, let’s talk about the fact that this website starts with pricing information. It doesn’t pretend to showcase anything else because, in a competitive niche like this, this is crucial information to potential clients. Guiding potential clients through the buyer’s journey, the website allows them to filter their searches based on specific criteria. Showcasing plans side-by-side makes for easy comparisons depending on business needs.

Beyond that, the website maintains a clean and professional feel, thanks in large part to a simple color scheme of black and white with a touch of royal blue. There is nothing complicating the experience.

Keep scrolling, and you come to a few more unique features. A customer carousel allows you to consume social proof at your own pace, while a FAQ section gets through some of the most important information. Finally, the time-delayed chat feature ensures that no rock is left unturned for potential users.

15. HITT

Image of HITT Home Page
HITT’s home page features unique color and fonts that make them standout from the rest of the websites in their industry.

HITT breaks all of the rules when it comes to a corporate construction company website, and that’s why it’s not only unique but effective, too. Their interesting use of font and color makes them stand out from the rest of the websites in their industry. 

Despite the large size of the website, the design still feels elevated and well-crafted. There’s a huge human element of the website that makes the company feel less corporate and more approachable. 

They use both video and photography amazingly to keep their website visually intriguing, as well as a distinctive side-scrolling feature when browsing their case studies. 

This website isn’t just intriguing for potential clients but for future employees, as well. Their careers section is detailed, well-thought-out, and full of proof that the company is a great place to work. 

Their full case study is available on our website. 

16. Boom Supersonic

Image of Boom Supersonic Home Page
Boom Supersonic’s home page features an aesthetic that narrates their story, bold typography, and innovative use of videos.

Boom Supersonic is an excellent storyteller. Their website does a phenomenal job of showing what their product is and how it can be transformative for their clients. Their aesthetic helps narrate their story as well; it aligns perfectly with the aspiration of faster air travel and luxury. 

They do this through the bold use of their typography and their use of videos. There are multiple videos throughout the website that feature planes, both inside and out. They give a sense of movement to the website that complements their mission. 

17. Loop Returns

Image of Loop Returns Home Page
Loop Returns’s home page features bold colors and fonts, as well as animations that contribute to the user experience.

It might be the biggest headline of any site we’ve reviewed, followed by the boldest hero. And yet, Loop Returns makes it work.

Users realize quickly that this company is all about streamlining the returns process for retailers and e-commerce merchants. And users will keep reading while they do, thanks to bold colors, fonts, and animations.

As one of our reviewers put it so aptly, “the design just jumps in your face.”

It’s not just about flashy designs, though. The animations actually contribute to the user experience, while fonts are used intentionally to draw the reader’s eye to what matters.

Loop Returns realizes that its services may not be obvious to everyone. So, the website features a See How it Works page, which shows its service in action and flows naturally through the entire process. Here, design boldness doesn’t overshadow but enhances the site’s functionality, providing an intuitive interface that helps website visitors understand the products and services.


Image of Page’s home page features a non-traditional color palette, graphics that highlight their products well, and copy that speaks direction to their customers.

There isn’t any aspect of the website that isn’t done strategically and effectively. Their non-traditional color palette is engaging to users when they first enter the website. As they scroll on, they’ll find graphics and illustrations that do a phenomenal job of highlighting their product and the problem it solves. 

But it’s not just the graphics that tell their story well. The copy also speaks directly to their potential customers instead of just stating what the company does.Their main CTA is not only easily identifiable, but it also takes potential customers to a very well-executed “Book a Demo” page.  

19. Swell

Image of  Swell Home Page
Swel’s home page features detailed illustrations, uncommon design elements, and a unique use of the color purple.

As an e-commerce SaaS platform, Swell competes against the likes of Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. Simply put, its website has to stand out for the service to have a shot.

Fortunately, it does. Illustrations are designed with an enormous amount of detail and animated to bring motion and a 3D feel to the site. The use of uncommon design elements in this space, like the color purple as both an accent and subtle background, immediately distinguishes Swell from its competition.

Speaking of which, this brand doesn’t shy away from its big-name competitors but compares itself to them right on the homepage.

Beyond the homepage, the Features page stands out. The information presented is short and succinct, with a sidebar menu allowing users to find exactly what they’re looking for within seconds.

20. Nektar

Image of Nektar Home Page
Nektar’s home page features a clean and simple design with a focus on their valuable content.

As far as B2B data and business intelligence platforms go, Nektar’s website makes it an appealing choice. 

A clean and simple design keeps the focus on the most important pieces of content. Meanwhile, the color palette frames the information intentionally without being intrusive or boring.

Beyond the color, intentionally designed sections split the information into easily digestible chunks. Illustrations show what the actual platform looks like on a desktop.

But the showstopper of the site is its animation. The hero image shows exactly what the service offers. Scroll down, and tasteful animations add a degree of dynamism that keeps visitors from losing interest or getting distracted.

21. Evernote

Image of Evernote Home Page
Evernote’s home page features unique color choices, straightforward navigation, and easily found, valuable information.

The popular note-taking app, Evernote, has both personal and more comprehensive business benefits. Their website reflects that exact audience and benefit split, with an equal focus, as well as a clean separation between both sides of the coin. It even carries through its pricing plans, which are displayed prominently on the website.

Every user of Evernote immediately recognizes its shade of green, so it’s no surprise that the same green is used effectively as an accent color throughout the site. It adds a pop that keeps the clean design interesting.

Evernote truly shines in its organization and functionality, too.

The navigation makes finding information easy and straightforward, a perfect match with its value proposition of simplifying note-taking. Finally, actionable visuals of desktop and mobile interfaces show the user exactly what they can expect once they sign up.


Think it’s time for an update to your B2B website? We have the perfect solution in our article “The Ultimate Website Redesign Project Plan and Worksheet.”

22. BaseCamp

Image of BaseCamp Home Page
Basecamp’s home page features a straight-to-the-point design that utilizes humor.

Basecamp’s website is downright entertaining. It has a simple and straight-to-the-point design that’s packed with a huge amount of personality and humor. 

Their graphics are quirky and distinctly different from what you would come across on most of the websites in this industry. Their copy is unique as well, utilizing humor and speaking directly to the challenges that the potential customers face. They also show in great detail how they can solve them. 

23. Atlassian

Image of Atlassian Home Page
Atlassian’s home page features well-organized navigation, excellent use of their brand colors, and optimized content.

That hero image on Atlassian’s website is nothing if not unique. It also communicates immediate personality, which is a feat for a large company responsible for software like Jira and Trello.

There’s a lot of content on this B2B website. The good news is that it never quite feels like too much. A well-organized footer and top-page navigation, along with tabbed lists of solutions and plenty of links to more information in relevant spots, always lets the user know exactly where to go.

Atlassian’s brand blue is used intentionally. Throughout the homepage, it highlights key text and links, streamlining the user experience. Meanwhile, each image is functional, showcasing exactly what the company can provide for businesses. The website’s design and content are optimized for search engine optimization, enhancing its performance, reaching the target audience, and competing effectively with other businesses.

24. Input Output HK

Image of Input Output HK Home Page
Input Output HK’s home page features impressive visuals, bold use of color, and a straightforward layout.

The Input Output HK website offers a unique experience.  More of a portfolio than a traditional B2B website, IOHK looks to impress with its visuals. This starts with a seemingly empty black homepage, lit up by the colorful trail the cursor leaves.

It’s undoubtedly fun to play with, but it also has a surprisingly calming effect that shows off what the company can do. Beyond that, it’s all about a simple, straightforward layout and navigation.

The top navigation is the gateway to all the substantial information about IOHK. From there, Technology and Research are simply designed and straightforward, which is especially important given the complexity of the work this brand does.

It’s all tied together with a footer that gets you to the right information at the right time. The unique visual intro may not make it seem that way, but this is actually one of the easiest websites to understand and navigate that we’ve come across.

Wrapping Up Our Best B2B Websites

These top examples make it clear: there is no blueprint to the best B2B websites. Instead, there are multiple pathways to achieve core business goals.

Of course, these are just a few of the countless examples out there. We’ve shared our favorites; what are yours? Have you found any websites that B2B marketers just have to know about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

FAQs About B2B Websites and How They Generate Leads

What is the Most Well-Known B2B Sourcing Website?

Alibaba is widely recognized as a leading B2B sourcing website.

What Are B2B Websites?

B2B websites are online platforms where other businesses are the target audience. They can connect and conduct transactions with other businesses.

What is the Largest B2B Platform?

Alibaba is currently one of the largest B2B platforms in terms of users and transactions.

The most popular B2B businesses can vary by industry, but tech companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Google are some of the most popular. 

What was the First B2B Website?

One of the earliest B2B websites was Chemdex, founded in 1996 as an online marketplace for lab supplies.

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