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Schoox trains your teams, measures results, and develops the skills people need to pursue opportunities. The all-in-one learning and development platform provides intuitive user experiences that amplify learning and development for everyone to help employees thrive now and in the future.

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Key Services

Branding, Copywriting, Digital Strategy, Full-stack Development, UI/UX Design

The Objective

Schoox is truly unmatched when it comes to learning and talent development for complex organizational structures. For learners, the people-first platform brings the magic back to learning by making it simple, rewarding, and fun.


Having recently undergone an exciting rebrand, they needed help with their website.


They needed to showcase their new (and improved) brand identity. Serving industry-leading, multinational organizations also required a secure, modern website representative of the platform’s quality and capabilities.


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01. Design System

Global Design

Schoox wanted a modern, colorful aesthetic to match the new branding for their website. Using a balanced combination of purples, blues, and pinks, it feels fresh and playful yet tech-forward.


Dot elements, gradients, and colorful text add whimsy and organization throughout the design.

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Schoox - 06 - Colors
Schoox - 07 - UI Kit
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02. Research

Research &

Schoox caters to complex, enterprise-level organizations as well as mid-sized businesses. These companies need a customizable learning and talent development platform that fits their needs and helps them achieve business goals.


To accomplish this, we focused on differentiating the technical and functional capabilities of the platform as well as highlighting use cases and industries in the navigation.


As a brand selling engagement, we needed to represent that with interactive, user-friendly assets that draw people in.

Schoox - 08 - Persona Card (01)
Schoox - 08 - Persona Card (02)
Schoox - 08 - Persona Card (03)
Schoox - 09 - Sitemap
Schoox - 03 - Sitemap
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03. Creative


Landing on the homepage, you’re immediately struck by the playful colors and happy, emotive language. A fun introductory video is in the hero, and opens to reveal a matching aesthetic.


As you scroll, we position a marquee that showcases their major, well-known clients in various industries. This leads into a fun graphic that shows how Schoox is all you need and is reinforced by a section with the awards they have won.


Individual solutions are then highlighted so users can easily identify the platform’s capabilities and how they fit their needs. We follow this up with an impressive Subway testimonial with case study, resource hub, and engaging call to action.

Schoox - 11 - Homepage - Sec01
Schoox - 11 - Homepage - Sec02
Schoox - 11 - Homepage - Sec03
Schoox - 11 - Homepage - Sec04
Schoox - 11 - Homepage - Sec05
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Schoox - 04 - Homepage - Sec01
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Mobile Design

Ensuring the mobile experience was as good as the desktop for the Schoox website was essential. As a software platform, the expectation is high when it comes to user experience on any device. With an abundance of graphic elements, we had to make certain everything aligns properly and the flow is uninterrupted on screens of all sizes.

Schoox - 10 - Wireframe Card (01)

Solutions Pages

Solutions pages are a critical component of the Schoox website. We improved the navigation structure making two solutions categories: use cases and industries.


Use cases include employee onboarding, frontline working training, franchise training, compliance training, and more. On these pages, users are presented with specific challenges followed by a breakdown of the features Schoox has that solve those challenges. We then go into the benefits you can expect with Schoox.


Individual industries are highlighted, including restaurant, hospitality and travel, retail, and manufacturing. These pages start by showing the solutions Schoox has for the specific industry, speaking directly to the person responsible for learning and talent development. They then have sections for the specific features and benefits that are helpful in that industry.

Schoox - 13 - Solutions - Sec01
Schoox - 13 - Solutions - Sec02
Schoox - 13 - Solutions - Sec03
Schoox - 13 - Solutions - Sec04
Schoox - 05 - Solutions - Sec01
Schoox - 05 - Solutions - Sec02
Schoox - 05 - Solutions - Sec03
Schoox - 05 - Solutions - Sec04
Schoox - 05 - Solutions - Sec05
Schoox - 05 - Solutions - Sec06
Schoox - 05 - Solutions - Sec07
Schoox - 05 - Solutions - Sec08

Why Schoox?

There is a lot of competition when it comes to learning and talent development software platforms. Instead of an About Us, we chose Why Schoox broken down into how they are different and success stories.


The How We Are Different page gives a deep dive into customer success and satisfaction, leveraging lifestyle imagery to reinforce the human connection and people-first nature of the brand.


On the Success Stories page, users can sort by use case or industry, making it easy to make connections between what their needs are and what Schoox can deliver.

Schoox - 13 - Why Schoox - Sec01
Schoox - 13 - Why Schoox - Sec02
Schoox - 13 - Why Schoox - Sec03
Schoox - 13 - Why Schoox - Sec04
Schoox - 13 - Why Schoox - Sec05
Schoox - 13 - Why Schoox - Sec06
Schoox - 13 - Why Schoox - Sec07
Schoox - 05 - Why Schoox- Sec01
Schoox - 05 - Why Schoox- Sec02
Schoox - 05 - Why Schoox- Sec03
Schoox - 05 - Why Schoox- Sec04
Schoox - 05 - Why Schoox- Sec05
Schoox - 05 - Why Schoox- Sec06
Schoox - 05 - Why Schoox- Sec07
Schoox - 05 - Why Schoox- Sec08

Resource Center

As an educational company, Schoox has a lot of resources. We needed to create a resource hub to organize everything and optimize user experience. By breaking down resources into categories, the user can more easily access useful and pertinent information, whether that’s reading a blog or downloading an eBook.

Schoox - 13 - Resource - Sec01
Schoox - 13 - Resource - Sec02
Schoox - 13 - Resource - Sec03
Schoox - 05 - Resources - Sec01
Schoox - 05 - Resources - Sec02
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