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The Chicago School

The Chicago School trains professionals for careers that improve the health of individuals, organizations, and communities.

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Key Services

Copywriting, Digital Strategy, Full-stack Development, UI/UX Design

The Objective

The Chicago School has a lot to offer prospective students looking for a career in health or business.


Their previous site did not understand the assignment; with siloed navigation, unclear CTAs, and an under-represented brand.


They needed a website that engages eventual students and that is easy to manage internally.


Chicago School - 05 - Before


Chicago School - 05 - After
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01. Design System

Global Design

It was important for soon-to-be students to have a sense of the quality of the institution upon landing on the new site.


So a clean, inviting design was chosen for The Chicago School in order to maintain professionalism, yet approachability.


Using lifestyle imagery adds warmth to each section, allowing users to picture themselves on campus.

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Chicago School - 06 - Type Card (Body)
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02. Research

Research &

The Chicago School features scholar-practitioner faculty who bring unique real-world experiences into the classroom, allowing students who attend the school to earn practical experience toward becoming professionals who improve their communities.


Spotlighting the world class faculty, emphasizing the dozens of dozens of programs across multiple campuses, and improving the overall site structure became the main goals with this project.

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Chicago School - 03 - Sitemap
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03. Creative

Structure & Navigation

The Chicago School offers dozens of programs across several campuses, and each program and campus combination had their own unique webpage.


We went through them, program by program, combining disparate information across their unique locations to give a clearer picture of what The Chicago School offers.


By doing so, we were able to clean up the site structure making the user experience more intuitive. Naturally, a more concise, intuitive navigation was the result of this new structure.

Chicago School - 13 - Navigation - Sec01
Chicago School - 13 - Program - Sec01
Chicago School - 13 - Program - Sec02
Chicago School - 13 - Location - Sec01
Chicago School - 13 - Location - Sec02
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Chicago School - 05 - Programs- Sec01
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Branding & Voice

In order to portray professionalism and credibility, consistency in colors, fonts, and imagery were implemented, replacing a disconnected, haphazard approach of the previous site.


An affable tone of voice was applied to the site to emphasize The Chicago School’s hospitality and real-world impact.


Combining modern, consistent branding and uniform tone of voice helps elevate The Chicago School’s brand to extra credit level.

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Chicago School - 11 - Homepage - Sec02
Chicago School - 11 - Homepage - Sec03
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Mobile Experience

It’s crucial for schools to pay extra attention to their mobile site experience as they’re often looking to reach a younger audience.


To appeal to this, we made sure to optimize the different degree landing pages for conversions - making it a no brainer to request info.


We also added a filter and search feature on the faculty finder that made it a breeze to navigate and learn more about who may be teaching a student’s classes.

Chicago School - 12 - Mobile Experience
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