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HeForShe, a global campaign sponsored by the United Nations is an invitation for men and people of all genders to stand in solidarity with women to create a bold, visible, and united force for gender equality.

HeForShe - 04 - Case Study Hero Image
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Key Services

Copywriting, Digital Strategy, Full-stack Development, Multi-Lingual Integration, Salesforce Integration, UI/UX Design

The Objective.

The first iteration of the HeForShe campaign site helped get the message across to individuals.


With their first global conference to kick-off the next leg of their campaign, goals were quickly evolving.


They needed a presence that still would appeal to the individual, but also was credible in the face of major corporations and governments.


They also required a website that would be able to keep up with a high-influx of website traffic, effectively communicate the campaign, and was geared towards converting visitors into champions of the cause.

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Outcomes & results


Million Commitments


Bounce Rate


Million Impressions


HeForShe - 05 - Before


HeForShe - 05 - After
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01. Design System

Global Design

This global initiative needed to appeal to an extremely broad audience. Men and women of every country needed to feel included.


With this in mind, we kept the overall visual design simple. This allowed us the flexibility for it to look great in multiple languages.


A bold bright pink is used to draw attention to key messages, graphics, and call to actions.

HeForShe - 06 - Type Card (Heading)
HeForShe - 06 - Type Card (Body)
HeForShe - 06 - Type Card (Colors)
HeForShe - 07 - UI Kit
HeForShe - 01 - UI Kit
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02. Research

Research &

The goal of this initiative was to bring attention to the inequalities between men and women not just in the United States, but globally.


We interviewed multiple individuals connected directly to the UN, from celebrities, to heads of state, to leaders of major corporations. Our objective was to better understand what they were passionate about, and what drove them to be champions of the cause.


From there, we worked on positioning that in their copy, as well as video to encourage people to participate.

HeForShe - 08 - Persona Card (01)
HeForShe - 08 - Persona Card (02)
HeForShe - 08 - Persona Card (03)
HeForShe - 09 - Sitemap
HeForShe - 02 - Sitemap
HeForShe - 10 - Wireframe Card (01)
HeForShe - 10 - Wireframe Card (02)
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03. Creative

Final Designs

When you enter the HeForShe site you’re immediately greeted with a 3-step video carousel. Each highlighting a different facet of the campaign.


As you scroll down the page you find key statistics and research that helps build trust for the cause.

HeForShe - 11 - Homepage - Sec01
HeForShe - 11 - Homepage - Sec02
HeForShe - 11 - Homepage - Sec03
HeForShe - 11 - Homepage - Sec04
HeForShe - 03 - Homepage - Sec01
HeForShe - 03 - Homepage - Sec02
HeForShe - 03 - Homepage - Sec03
HeForShe - 03 - Homepage - Sec04
HeForShe - 03 - Homepage - Sec05
HeForShe - 03 - Homepage - Sec06

Champions Page

With multiple champions across various walks of life, we needed a way to consistently highlight each group and allow visitors to learn more about them.


Horizontal sliders provide a consistent view of the individuals, and pop-up modals allow you to quickly get the biographical information for each person without having to leave the page.

HeForShe - 13 - Champions Page - Sec01
HeForShe - 13 - Champions Page - Sec02
HeForShe - 13 - Champions Page - Sec03
HeForShe - 13 - Champions Page - Sec04
HeForShe - 04 - Champions - Sec01
HeForShe - 04 - Champions - Sec02
HeForShe - 04 - Champions - Sec03


HeForShe had amassed a number of different kits, tools, and documents to provide their champions with what they needed to educate their friends and family on gender equality.


We built a simple to use, and easy to manage resource hub that could present all of this information equally.

HeForShe - 13 - Resources Page - Sec01
HeForShe - 13 - Resources Page - Sec02
HeForShe - 13 - Resources Page - Sec03
HeForShe - 13 - Resources Page - Sec04
HeForShe - 13 - Resources Page - Sec05
HeForShe - 04 - Resources - Sec01
HeForShe - 04 - Resources - Sec02
HeForShe - 04 - Resources - Sec03
HeForShe - 04 - Resources - Sec04
HeForShe - 04 - Resources - Sec05


With a global audience the website needed to translate into 10 different languages. This required a great deal of flexibility from the design in order to work with all of the different character lengths.


On the technical side, GEO-IP controls detect someone's local region and provide them with what the anticipated language is, user facing controls in the website's header also allow for individuals to easily switch languages.

HeForShe - 13 - Multilingual - Sec01
HeForShe - 04 - Multilingual - Sec01
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