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Retrofete is a brand dedicated to creating fashion for women who demand to be noticed. Over the past few years, Retrofete had experienced explosive growth both as an organization and in popularity. While their previous website had done a great job of helping them get to this point, ultimately, it was falling short of their customer's expectations and limiting their possibilities for future D2C expansion.

hero retrofete

The Objective.

Retrofete needed a website that had a luxury editorial feel and communicated that to their audience. They also needed a website that had unique functionality in order to guide potential customers to engage with their products and make a purchase.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Overall Functionality

Functionality is key to users staying on a website for long periods of time, and the longer they stay on an ecommerce website the more they are willing to make a purchase. Retrofete needed several updates to make their website functional to the end-user. One of the ways this was done was through the unique filter feature on their collection pages. (Read on to learn more!)

Complexity of Product Offerings

Retrofete has several options for the products they offer. Due to this, the backend of their website was difficult for them to navigate and handle. To combat this we helped them to minimize their backend to better reflect their frontend which was organized and well thought out. After all, when you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside!

What We Did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Website Design
Website Development
Design & Development


The Results.


Increase in conversion rates


Bounce rate


Average order value


The homepage includes images and texts that speak to Retrofete’s audience not just through words but through aesthetics. At the top of the page “New Arrivals” are shown to take users directly to the newest items with the hope that they will make a purchase. Additional images of selected “best selling” products are shown to entice the potential customer to make a purchase by showing them the trendiest products.

homepage retrofete

Website Overview

Retrofete's website has been redesigned for both desktop and mobile users.

secondary hero retrofete

Product Collection Page.

Each Product Collection Page is set up with the capability to allow the potential customer to select how many products they would like to see either being three, four, or five products in each row. Each product’s image changes once scrolled over which entices potential customers to take a further look at the product and direct them to the Product Page of said product. Each product listed gives the potential customers the ability to select their desired product size and automatically add it to their cart.

Product Collection Page - Collection Overview.

product collection retrofete 1

Product Collection Page - Collection Grid.

product collection core retrofete 2

Filter Feature

The filter feature is included on each Product Collection Page and allows potential customers to find products that match exactly what they are looking to purchase. The filter updates the Product Collection Page with a quick response time allowing customers to quickly find their dream item and in turn help Retrofete increase sales.

Product Page.

Each product page highlights several images of the product, the possible color and sizing offerings, as well as product descriptions. Products can also be added to a “wishlist” on this page further emphasizing the potential customer to make a purchase.

product retrofete 2
branded img retrofete

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