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Our Secret Software to Maximize Website Traffic & Increase Sales.


March 1, 2024

2023.06.21.Our Secret Software to Maximize Website Traffic & Increase Sales
Our Secret Software to Maximize Website Traffic & Increase Sales

People visit your website every day.

The majority of your website traffic doesn’t engage with you.

As a web design agency, we use a TON of different website visitor tracking software to help monitor and maximize lead generation of not only our clients’ websites, but our own.

Software like Google Analytics and Hotjar show us how users are interacting with our site, what they’re looking for, and whether or not they find it. On top of these tools, we track campaign links with UTMs across the entire site to help us know exactly which referral source has the biggest influence on lead generation.

Despite these efforts, there used to be a pretty big gap in our data collection. We knew what people were doing on our website. And after a lead was generated, we knew who they were and where they were coming from.

But we didn’t know who was visiting before they turned into a lead.

That all changed once we discovered this website visitor tracking software and lead generation tool.

Let me Introduce you to some killer website visitor tracking software. Meet Lead Forensics

Easy to install, Lead Forensics immediately starts collecting data based on who’s visiting your website. It will give you common analytics, like where your referral traffic is coming from and how users are progressing through your site. Where Lead Forensics stands out is its ability to uncover the ‘who’ behind your traffic.

Lead Forensics tracks data against internet service providers. Almost all organizations that have a professional internet service set up had an ID associated with them. This website visitor tracking software identifies that ID and pairs it with their session.

This is huge. An absolute game-changer for us, really.

So, here’s how we used Lead Forensics for ourselves, and methods for we also use to help our clients.

Improved Content Marketing

With understanding the “who’s doing what” we were able to observe trends in certain industries and company sizes. We were able to see what content they were gravitating to, and what content they were dropping off on.

From there, we were able to A/B test language and imagery to see if metrics such as page time, amount of pages visited, or conversions increased. This is even more effective since the software gave us insight on repeat visits. There were cases where someone who had visited our website once and looked at a particular case study came back later and looked at the same case study again. We were able to identify those exact sessions and see if our testing had improved or degraded the outcome.

That level of data, for us, was huge. It allowed us to have a more exact method and approach for improving our conversion optimization strategy, which in return, helps to maximize website traffic and more.

If we had attempted to do all of this optimization with anonymous data it would have taken us 10x longer to receive the same results.

It’s Lead Generation Software That Helps Identify Warm Prospects

I’ll start by saying this: our sales team loves this tool. It makes their job incredibly easier, and when used correctly, it can be a highly powerful piece of lead generation software.

We’ve defined certain metrics that they use to identify good prospects. This is a piece of lead generation software we use in all ends of our business, but it comes in super handy with the reporting and alerts that can be set up in Lead Forensics.

With the help of the LF team we configured a series of prompts, triggers, and reports based on who’s visiting our website. If they come from a particular referral source, we know about it. If they visit our website 5x in a week, we know about it. If the company showing interest in our website looks like a good fit, our sales team will figure out who our best point of contact is and reach out.

It’s really that simple.

What makes this a lethal combination is the fact that these prospects have already been on our website and have absorbed some of our content. It’s not a 100% cold outreach, so our success rate on our outbound sales efforts are much higher than they are on completely cold traffic.

Here’s an example of a simple outreach message we would either email, or send a prospect on LinkedIn once they’ve visited our website.


Can’t help but notice someone from your organization was on our site ( today. Would love to chat about how we could be most helpful to you. Could you please refer me to the best point of contact?”

Gauging Interest From Potential Clients

In addition to lead prospecting, we use this website visitor tracking software to assist us with gauging potential client interest after a message is sent, proposal is delivered, pitch has occurred.

We do this by setting up custom alerts for clients we’re actively speaking to. Every time they visit the site, we’ll receive an alert in our e-mail or CRM letting us know.

This helps us gauge interest and figure out how many resources should be dedicated to potential clients. A lot of activity? Chances are, they’re interested.

In addition to just blanketed activity alerts, we also continue to see what they’re looking at. If we sent out a proposal and we find them moving around our services, we might use that as an indicator to reach out and ask them if they need any further clarifications on things.

Events, Shows, and Social Events

Lead Forensics also comes in helpful at and after attending events. If we’re at a trade show, event, or even just a small get together we plug contacts into Lead Forensics and sync it across our CRM.

You know which conversations are going somewhere immediately when you talk to someone and they start checking your stuff out. Again, with custom notifications, we know when that’s happening.

In Conclusion

Overall, Lead Forensics has been an awesome piece of software over the course of the last year for helping us understand our audience and earn new customers. We’re also proud to say that our adoption of the platform has also earned us partnership status with Lead Forensics. Partnering with them, we help on-board clients, train, and integrate the system with other various tracking tools. For more information on how we can work together to help you maximize website traffic, give us a shout.

If you’re interested in seeing a Lead Forensics demo, sign up for it here.

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