Rug & Home

Aligning The In Store & Online Shopping Experiences

Rug & Home, a home furnishing retailer, struggled with their e-commerce efforts, a behemoth site with over 40,000 product SKUs.

Bridging the offline and online gap was a huge challenge, one that went beyond managing thousands of products. It meant creating a structure, organizing intersecting product collections, and making it easy for customers to find what they need, whether it was a specific furniture piece or inspiration for an entire room. On top of that, we transferred the platform to Shopify Plus. When the site launched, it was the largest Shopify had ever handled.

The work paid off. Since our launch, online sales have increased roughly 1900%.

  • Home Décor - Ecommerce
  • Digital Startegy
  • UI/UX
  • Front & Backend Dev
  • Custom Inventory Solution
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Strategy & Planning

With a large and varied product library, planning for both design and structure was tough. Literally thousands of product combinations and types had to be considered. The overall visual design for both collections and individual product templates needed to be flexible enough to accommodate, yet, unique to the brand itself.

From a structural standpoint, we needed to craft silo’s that both users and search engines would appreciate. This required re-categorizing almost all of Rug and Home’s existing product library, as it previously did not match either of those marks. Using Shopify Plus made this task scalable.

Digital Brick & Mortar

Rug and Home, first and foremost, is a brick and mortar company. With several stores across North and South Carolina, it was important to highlight them on the website. We wanted customers to experience what it was like to shop at Rug and Home before they entered a physical location. By leveraging Google’s business walkthrough we were able to create a virtual showroom. We also placed key images and testimonials to bring further value to a prospective in-store customer.

Filtering & Sorting

The product overview is focused on providing users with a simple touch sorting experience. We polled existing clients, observed analytics and competitor behaviors to come up with 6 custom filters: style, price, color, shape & size, construction, and materials. These filters are always in view for the user, pinning to the top of the page when they scroll. This ensures users can find exactly what they want, when they want it.

Rug and Home Case Study
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A Few Kind Words

“I feel like a lot of other digital agencies are good in the creative side and lacking in the engineering side, and vice versa, but Huemor’s good at both. That’s obviously a very potent combination in this because you want your site to look good but it needs to be very useable, too. I think they have dedicated, talented individuals in both areas.”

Aanchal Gupta, Principal