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Quality Set In Stone

You might not expect a stone quarry to push the envelope when it comes to its brand. Then again, you might not expect a stone quarry to pioneer industry-leading initiatives in sustainability and product innovation — we’re talking about stone, after all: how much could it be improved? Buechel Stone isn’t just a quarry, though, so their website couldn’t just be a website.

They didn’t ask for a portfolio, so we built them a Brag Book. They don’t run e-commerce, so we built them a cart system that connects customers with trusted dealers. And if you’re looking for help, they didn’t want to just send you to a contact form or a 1-800 number, so we built a resource center where they could share all of their CAD drawings, 3-D prototypes, and installation tutorials so architects, contractors, consultants, and even adventurous DIYers can begin designing their projects.

  • B2B - E-commerce
  • Digital Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Front & Back-end Development
  • Microsoft Dynamics Integration
  • Custom Product Calculator
Buechel Stone Case Study Website Design

Bold Designs, Beautiful Imagery

The Brag Book shows off the amazing work Buechel has done in the past, but it also helps to inspire new project. The best assets for that are real photos of the builds, so we designed a simple gallery with easy-to-use filters to show off the versatility and precision of the stone. The layout mimics the product pages for a consistent experience throughout the site.

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Building Quotes

The stone speaks for itself, so we didn’t want to get in the way with distracting visuals or overwhelming amounts of information. The product collections are broken into categories with a clean interface to omit extraneous elements competing for attention on the page.

Working with Huemor was great. They took the time to get to know us, our culture, and our user groups….along with our needs and goals for the site to provide the best experience for all involved. Even in the midst of some tricky developmental challenges, they were always in communication to help work toward a solve and keep us moving forward. Thanks!

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Tracy Lisowe - Marketing Director
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Open Enrollment At Rock College

To begin the project, our team attended what Buechel calls Rock College: a three day on-site training program where dealers, new employees, and other partners see how Buechel operates, from quarry to sales. For three days, we were immersed in their processes, seeing where the stone actually comes from, how it’s cut, what dealers look for when picking out their projects, and getting to know employees.

Our discovery process is usually pretty in-depth, but this one went above and beyond. When we make decisions about user flow, UI elements, and the conversion process, we do so based on what we know about the customer and the business. The more we know about the relevant audiences — both the user and the client — the better we can make decisions that make sense and reduce friction. Rock College gave us valuable insight not only into the stakeholders for this project, but how to conduct even better kickoff meetings on our other projects.