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To reach orbit, to launch yourself into space and look down to Earth, you need to achieve a speed of 17,600 miles per hour, or about 86 football fields per second. Aside from an ironclad constitution, hitting that speed takes a tremendous amount of power, ambition, coordination, and caution.

If you’re planning to go that fast, you’re not planning on slowing down anytime soon. It’s why we like the idea of blasting off so much: in the last five years, we’ve figured out what we’re doing, always pushing projects to the limit, always treating our clients’ investments as if they were our own, and never letting ourselves become complacent. We’ve stayed ambitious and grown the team to take on bigger and more complicated challenges.

We don’t aim to keep our feet on the ground any longer than we have to. Our goal is orbit. After NASA cracked rocket technology, after they blasted off and landed on the moon, they planted a flag. We’re here now, and we’re planting our flag, too.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished over the last 5 years. We started a web design agency from scratch, mostly without knowing what we were doing or even that we *wanted* to do it. We built incredible projects for our clients, boosting their revenue, growing market share, establishing brands, and impacting in other ways, like helping them create jobs.

We created jobs ourselves, growing from two people to 16. We take that seriously; those are people who put food on their table and rely on us to continue doing so. Growth is fantastic. We want to be bigger, work bigger, impact bigger. And having a large, incredibly talented team is an important part of the future, so we’ve scaled carefully, with the team and reinvestment in the business a very deliberate part of our process. It’s paying off: we’ve just closed on our biggest year yet and our employee retention blows the industry standard out of the water.

#WrldTkOvr is on the horizon, and we’ve got a fantastic team to do it with.


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