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While we’re getting our holiday shopping done, we’ve kept an eye out for the design of the e-commerce websites as much as the gifts themselves. We came together to bring you our favorite e-commerce websites to shop on, ones that we’re attracted to for a variety of reasons — the way they’re built, the products offered, the aesthetically pleasing designs, the ease of making a purchase, and other variables experienced designers, developers and marketers may look for when choosing a site worth recommending.

Staff Pick #1: Leah, Developer

Penny Arcade Store Apparel, Pins and Art
e-commerce penny-arcade

Staff Pick #2: Lyndi, Marketing

The Little Market Fair Trade Products and Gifts

e-commerce the-little-market

Staff Pick #3: David M., Business Development

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

e-commerce la-colombe

Staff Pick #4: Pete, Project Manager

Pop Chart Lab Designed Prints, Housewares, Stationery, and Wall Decor

e-commerce pop-chart

Staff Pick #5: Amie, Designer

Death Wish Coffee Co. Coffee Shop

e-commerce death-wish

Staff Pick #6: April, Marketing

Black Milk and Beauty For Real Clothing and Beauty Products

e-commerce black-milk-2

e-commerce beauty-for-real-2

Staff Pick #7: Mark, Developer

Rug & Home Rugs and Home Furnishings (This is one we built. We can’t help it, we love the experience!)

e-commerce rug-and-home

Staff Pick #8: Joe, Marketing

Mammoth and Co. Art and Boutique

e-commerce mammoth

We encourage you to take notice of the admirable aspects of a well designed website and use our examples as inspiration when thinking of your own store’s design. After all, the design, usability and overall experience the website provides is what lands the sales, and even spots on lists like this one.


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