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B2B Website Report

The state of b2b websites: 2024

How do businesses determine if their site is performing well or not? And how much of a difference does a web design agency make? Dig into this free Huemor report to discover what performance metrics reveal for SMB marketers.

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Sneak Peek: Report Insights

Graphic image representing how SMBs evaluate website performance metrics

How SMBs Evaluate Website Performance

Growth: often the first and last word on the mind of any SMB marketer. With how often growth hinges on website performance, the metrics we evaluate reveal a lot about how customers are engaging with the business. 

Graphic representing how SMBs use their website for lead generation

How Website Performance Impacts SMB Lead Generation

Overhauling an online presence is a high-stakes venture for any business— especially for an SMB that relies heavily on website conversions. With business and revenue of any amount in the balance, an effective website isn’t just a want: it’s a need.

Graphic representing how SMBs feel about their web design agency

How SMBs Feel About Their Web Design Agency

The contrast between satisfied SMBs and disappointed SMBs reveals a clear disconnect: the experience that agencies are delivering is not the experience that SMBs need to achieve success.