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VRC is a record and information management company that specializes in protecting other companies’ vital records.  From walls of physical records to digitally recorded assets, VRC ensures that every piece of information a company produces is organized, accounted for, and protected. We helped them update their website look and feel to better represent their brand.

Hero VRC

The Objective.

VRC was known for doing an amazing job with physical record storage, but was less known for its digital offerings. We needed to not only make potential customers more aware of this prowess, but also make sure their WordPress website looked like one belonging to a digital company.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Visual Representation.

Record and information management, kind of a hard service to visually display potential clients but is something that makes VRC stand out from their competitors. We needed to find creative solutions to display VRC’s services to their customers which is where the various uses of illustrations come into play.

Ease of Ownership.

In order for VRC to easily update information we provided an easy to use system for managing pages throughout their website. This ensures that non-technical users can edit existing, or create new landing pages in a manner of minutes.

What We Did

Website Redesign

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Site Design

Full-Stack Development

Web Development

Content Strategy


SEO Strategy





VRC Home page highlights the key information of what VRC does to help their customers, as well as showcases the industries that they work with. Reviews from their customers provide social proof and increase potential customers’ trust.

Homepage VRC

Hero Header Animation

The animated background of the hero header was added to create movement and a great visual to VRC’s website.

Mega Menu

There was a lot of information that needed to be shared so in order to keep everything concise, this is where the Mega Menu came into play! The menu navigation was created to better help potential customers find the information they are looking for in a short amount of time.

About Page.

The About Page goes through a timeline of events of the company’s history. This is revealed when the user scrolls down. The page also displays the company’s values in a horizontal scroll as the user clicks through. Further down the page, includes headshots of VRC’s leadership where bios appear when the user clicks on each headshot.

AboutPage VRC
SecondaryHero VRC

Careers Page.

The Careers Page includes a CTA button that reads “Apply Now” to encourage users to look into employment opportunities within the company. Images of employees are shown along with text about the company’s values.

CareerPage VRC

Service Pillar Page

The Service Pillar Page highlights what VRC does for their clients. The page includes a FAQ section that answers questions that potential customers may have along with links to their resource pages.

ServicePillarPage VRC

Resource Center

The Resource Center includes VRC blog content that helps answer any questions users and potential customers may have. Each post has an image included that can be clicked on to content users to the content they wish to view. Further down on the page is the future events that VRC will attend.

ResourceCenterPage VRC

Locations Page

With the additions of multiple locations as VRC expands this page can be easily updated via the CMS. Each state that VRC operates within is listed with their respective locations which includes their address and phone number. When a location is selected information on representatives and services are listed along with a contact form for customers to fill out for a quote and more information.

LoactionsPage VRC
VRC bottom thumbnail2

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