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Aavrani is a beauty brand focusing on ayurvedic or the ritual process of beauty and self-care. Due to this, each of their products are steps within a ritual beauty process that tells a story that invites Aavrani’s customers to participate in self-care. We worked with Aavrani to redesign their website to better communicate their brand and convert visitors to customers.

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The Objective.

Aavrani needed an ecommerce website design that would be able to tell their story, the stories and ritual processes of their products, and make a connection with their target audience. In order to achieve their goals we needed to help them design a website that made their Shopify store accessible to their audience.

Unique Problems to Solve.

SEO Ranking

Due to the original setup of Aavrani’s website, they were not able to rank very high via SEO as many of the product pages were missing key SEO information that would help potential customers find them. We solved this problem by adding the necessary keywords to boost performance within various search engines. This allowed for their products to be easily found by potential customers and Aavrani to see an increase in sales.

Telling a Story

Each product has a ritual and story behind them. Previously the stories of each product were hidden and difficult for customers to access so we worked to improve the product page design and draw more attention and focus to that particular copy as part of end user experience design.

What We Did

UI/UX Website Design
Web Development
Digital Strategy
Data Analysis
SEO Strategy
Conversion Rate Optimization



The Results.


Total sales


Bounce rate


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Product Page.

Each product page encourages customers to review detailed information about each product, best practices of how to use each product, and the personal story of each product. The clean design of the page is inviting to potential customers and encourages them to engage with the copy and images found within the page.

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