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Web Design Trends To Lookout For In 2018

Us UI/UX Designers are an interesting bunch.   Most of us hate trends. In fact, we often turn up our nose to the thought of falling into the clutches of a “hot trend”.   It’s our job after all to capture the feeling of a brand online and present them ...

Be Memorable

Which is worse: nobody knows your brand exists or nobody likes your brand?   I would argue it’s better to have a brand people know but don’t like than one they don’t even know about.   I went to get my passport photo taken at a drugstore recently and it ...

How to Create Parallax Effects in Principle

You’re working on a new project, you put together a nice design mockup and you present it to the client. You explain the user experience and how little interactions & movement would work.  But what you're explaining isn't having the impact you were hoping for. Why not just show them ...

Get with the times: How to Build a Responsive Website for Mobile Devices

As someone who uses his smartphone regularly, I find it fairly frustrating that a surprisingly large amount of websites, some of which are run by big and established brands, still use poorly-designed websites that are outright dysfunctional on mobile devices. Seriously, proper web development consultation is imperative. In today's day and ...

5 Ways To Make Your Web Design More Effective

I absolutely love web design. Why? Web design allows me to create beautiful things, while also forcing me to think critically about the decisions I need to make. It requires me to balance form, function, interactivity, and usability into something that's universal and crosses language barriers. While this can often ...

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