Last updated on Jun 14, 2018

Dear Pittsburgh, Please Tell Us More…

By Pete

We can’t wait to open our new office this year! We’ve already been on a few recon missions to learn about the city, but we don’t know everything about the city yet, and there are some things we’re curious about. If you’re in Pittsburgh and want to chat, we’d love to bend your ear about some of them! We’d be happy to share a few I.C. Lights and learn more!


So someone, please tell us more about:

  • The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. It looks like a ton of fun!
  • That submarine in the river.
  • The Pittsburgh Opera. We’re cultured, but I don’t think many of us have ever been to an actual phantomless opera before.
  • Have you been hit by a self-driving Uber yet?
  • On a scale of pretty-to-amazingly, how delicious is the Conflict Kitchen? We really hope so!
  • Squirrel Hill. More specifically, why is it called that? From what we’ve seen, it’s a really chill area but the name frightens us.


Want to share your thoughts? Jeff’s heading to Pittsburgh in May, so you can give him a shout at I’ll be in Pittsburgh later this year and would love to hear more. You can email me at!

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