Building On A Good Thing

The phone space is a crowded one. Consumers buy directly from manufacturers, carriers, electronics stores, authorized resellers, and online markets like eBay and Amazon. For Goodcellas, a new entrant into pre-owned devices, the first step was establishing themselves on Amazon. And they’ve done that, garnering a 99% positive rating with over 475 reviews. Mission accomplished. Their next step was to create their own platform.

We built that platform for them: a Magento website to buy new phones and trade-in old devices.

  • Technology - E-commerce
  • Digital Strategy
  • UI/UX
  • Front & Back-end Development
  • Customized Buy Back Feature
Huemor GoodCellas Case Study Homepage

Money, Money, Money

This e-commerce site is a little different: not only can customers buy phones and tablets, they can sell their old ones. And here’s where one of the most important moments for the user comes in: Getting a bunch of money for the old phone you were just going to throw in a drawer is cause for celebration. Boom. The most memorable element of the site was born: a shower of cash when you sell your device.

Huemor GoodCellas Case Study devices
Huemor GoodCellas Case Study product inner page

Buying And Selling

To set up both sides of the business, we created two independent cart functions on the same Magento build. Then, we needed the design to make the experience seamless.

From the homepage, buyers and sellers can get to “Add To Cart” — after selecting make and model, carrier, capacity, color, and condition of the device — within 5 clicks. It’s an easy, straightforward process that is almost frictionless for the user. The on-screen price updates live as they check their options.

Huemor GoodCellas Case Study trade in

Let The Phones Stand Out

The design for the site focused entirely around the products: iPhones, iPads, and Samsung devices. With so much competition among sites offering device sales, utility was a top priority. We didn’t want any flashy graphics or overcomplicated UI features to obfuscate the experience.
One this site, we used fewer colors than normal and kept the ones we did use to more muted tones. The brand’s blue, which is bright and inviting, is used throughout the site to accent CTAs.

Huemor GoodCellas Case Study trade in step 2
Huemor GoodCellas Case Study trade in step 3

Project Result Update

Since it’s launch in late-2016, GoodCellas has been purchased by a leading competitor in the space and is no longer active. Cheers to them!


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The Bigger Picture

It is easy to get caught up in sections of the site that get a lot of attention, but you need to remove yourself and look at the bigger picture. A site can easily become complex if you focus on specific elements instead of tackling the overarching problems. Once you create a sitemap and user flow, you have the skeletons of your site created and you can now focus on the internal page structure. The main features of this website went through many iterations, with a goal to optimize the online shopping experience to minimize the amount of clicks to checkout. This forced us to keep reworking the experience to make sure each step flows together in the most intuitive way possible. Adding layers of flair may seem like it’s making the site more sophisticated, but unnecessary elements only make the site more complex and harder for the user.