d:fi hair

Look. Touch. Love.

d:fi makes hair products for the people who live every night to the fullest. We make their website. We used big images, bold colors, and bright videos to make the user feel like they were invited to the party.

The result was a site that turns heads and begs to be touched.

  • Cosmetics - B2C
  • Digital Strategy
  • UI/UX
  • Front & Back-End Dev
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The lifestyle is the brand, so it had to shine through every photograph, button, copy block, and link. The product pages are vibrant, minimalistic, and cut straight to the point. Where other pages on the site show models and the product in action, the packaging is in the spotlight on the product pages, so you know exactly what to grab off the shelf. Details and a style from the lookbook are also available, for users who are looking for more.

D:FI Hair Products
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Sex sells. In the d:fi lookbook, with instructions and product combos, the provocative styles help the user connect visually with the look they want.

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