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Cover FX

Improve Overall Conversions

CoverFX creates high-quality makeup products made from good-for-you ingredients. With the release of their new layers of light collection they needed a company that could quickly, and effectively build them a new landing page. In addition to the new page, CoverFX’s website was suffering from poor mobile conversion rates, and below average desktop conversion rates. Our goal was to observe and implement improvements to help website conversions overall.


  • Cosmetics – E-Commerce
  • Digital Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Front & Back-end Development
  • Conversion Optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Integrate Facebook Chat Bot

Collecting Data

To start, we collected data to base our changes and decisions on. With Google Analytics & Hotjar we were able to determine how users were interacting with the existing site. We noted things such as; where they were stuck, content they were seeing and weren’t seeing, pages they exited from, how far they were getting down pages and what they were clicking on.


1. 65% of traffic comes from mobile, but the site was not fully Mobile optimized
2. 50% of user saw “Best Sellers” on the home page, but it was the most clicked item in the navigation
3. Only 35% of users see relevant product information when browsing 4. Various experience issues due to lack of clear calls to action and cluttered content display


1. Improved Home page with clear call to actions & consolidated content
2. Reduce overall page length of home page and position Best Sellers at top of the page
3. Improved product page with anchor links to to relevant on page content
4. Polished mobile to create consistent visual layouts to allow for easier shopping with quick access shop buttons

How Has The Site Performed

Conversion Rate Increased

Conversion rates increase by 11%

Bounce Rate Decreased

Bounce rate decreased by 15%

Avg. Order Value Increased

Avg. order value increased by 7%