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An Early and Unexpected Office Prank

Today is April Fools’ Day, but the Hue-Crew couldn’t pass up the opportunity of starting the pranks a little early. The bosses were in San Francisco, California last week for the Shopify Partner & Developer Conference – Unite 2016, so naturally we were all a bit jealous. While we still had our usual work hard mentality Monday through Friday, there’s always a little time for some team building activities and a good prank, right?!

On Friday we sourced the necessary materials: an excessive amount of wrapping paper and a few rolls of trusty Scotch Tape. The plan was to wrap Jeff’s whole office, everything from the artwork on the walls to the coffee mug and the coaster it sits on, and the plan was a success! We wrapped everything with care AND style. Check out that Elmo keyboard and chevron garbage can! Looks like we can add office decorating to our list of creative skills.

A creative April Fools' Day prank at Huemor Designs.

Jeff’s reaction? After he realized we didn’t break his office window and that it was just covered with wrapping paper, he had a good laugh. After all, everyone at Huemor can take a joke. This doesn’t mean we aren’t anxiously awaiting his revenge. Maybe we should have bought and wrapped a real gift for him to go along with it. There’s always next April Fools’ Day!


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