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We’ve always had an astronaut blasting off to open our website in some form or another. What started out as a fun experiment has become an ongoing challenge for us to push ourselves, and has even become a strong piece of our identity. This year, for our fifth anniversary, we set the bar higher than ever before.

The result is awesome. Unlike previous iterations where “Rocket Buddy” has taken off from a launch pad, this time he’s looking down from orbit. When the user engages him, he plants a flag in a distant land in a not-so-subtle reference to our not-so-subtle rally cry, #WrldTkOvr.

To bring the out-of-this-world scene to life, we enlisted illustrator Courtland Winslow to help us out.

The New Character Illustration for Huemor's Mascot, Rocket Buddy

The collaboration turned out so well we wanted to know more about his work and how it came to be, so we asked him:

How did you bring the illustration to life?
I used Photoshop to illustrate the scene and character and split everything for parallax. I frame-animated the character in Photoshop. Once everything was ready, I brought the scene into AnimateCC and Dreamweaver to test it as an HTML/js animation, and handed it off to the wizards at Huemor.

How would you say this fits in with your other pieces of work?
In terms of format, web animation makes a huge impression and I’d love to do more of it. Thematically, it fits in pretty well with my running obsession with diving helmets and exploration.

The Web Animation for our Website Intro

Was there anything particularly challenging in this project?
In animation, some things just won’t look right the first time. Frame animation can be tedious, but the payoff when it works out is super rewarding.

“Overall I had a blast and can’t wait
to work with Huemor again.”

What aspect are you most proud of?
I’m proud every time I get a squash/stretch in a character animation to look good.

How long did it take to finish?
Longer than I intended— once I started animating the character I kept wanting to go back to it, and got a bit carried away. I just really loved how it was coming together.

Was your approach with Rocket Buddy different than your other pieces of work?
I was able to approach this with my usual workflow. Working with Huemor was fun and I was free to do my thing.

You can check out more of Courtland’s work at


In its fifth year of business, Huemor continues to grow as an award-winning web design and development agency whose work sells, persuades, and inspires.


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