The Hue-Crew Bowls in Their SPARE Time

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We may not have had a perfect game, but we had an awesome time at Farmingdale Lanes, which is located right near Huemor’s office! When the Thursday work day came to a close, we kicked off our shoes and traded them in for some stylin’ bowling shoes.

While we usually act as one collaborative team, that night we split up into three teams for the sake of a little friendly competition. Some teams getting more gutter balls than others, but it’s all in good fun, right?!  Let’s just say there were obvious winners, but there wasn’t one person who didn’t get that supportive high five, whether it was for a strike (which there were many) or getting a little closer to hitting a pin than the last time.

The Huemor team goes out bowling

It’s safe to say the bowling night was a success! We were even surprised to find out that one of our co-workers has some pretty sweet dance moves, and another likes to talk to his bowling ball before sending it down the lane. There’s still so much to learn about one another, guess we will just have to keep hanging out!

No matter where we go, the Hue-Crew is bound to have a good time. We’re already talking ideas of where to go next!


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