A Surprise "Brodal" Shower for Mark!

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If there’s ever an excuse to have an ice cream party in the middle of the day, it’s Mark’s “brodal” shower! See what we did there? In less than a month, our super talented developer will be married and enjoying the amazing country of Italy. To show our excitement for him and his new journey, we threw together a little surprise party. Luckily, it’s not hard to convince anyone here to head over to Moe’s for lunch, so that’s how we got him out of the office. While some of the group jumped on the Moe’s train, the others stayed back to prepare.

When he returned, he was greeted with a decorated area of balloons, a customized sign and of course, ICE CREAM! Not only was it time to celebrate Mark, it was time to celebrate two other awesome guys, Ben & Jerry. With three of his favorite flavors and the best combination of toppings (Oreo cookies, M&Ms, gummy worms, sprinkles, and chocolate syrup), we were ready to rock! Shout out to Mark for ice cream being his favorite – we definitely enjoyed that treat!

"Brodal" Shower

While his expression was all we needed, we were glad to find out he was genuinely surprised. We wish Mark & Amanda the best and hope you both have the time of your lives! The Hue-Crew will miss your spunk and your DJ skills while you’re away. Enjoy that gelato!


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