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Today is Social Media Day! Since founded by Mashable in 2010, it’s been a creative way to celebrate the innovation of social media, the conversations it starts, and the visibility it provides for individuals, companies and organizations. As Mashable puts it, and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves, “From Kanye’s Twitter rants to DJ Khaled’s Snap Stories, you can say social media has us feeling #blessed.” While Kanye and DJ Khaled are hard to beat, HUEMOR has a few things they just don’t have, and we’re celebrating these things today!

1. A Uni-cycling Pro

Go Norm! Killing it on the unicycle outside @huemordesigns office! #huemordesigns #unicycle

A video posted by Huemor (@huemordesigns) on

2. The Best Lookin’ Set of Mugs You’ve Ever Seen

Mugs of Huemor. #mugsofinstagram #WrldTkOvr!

A photo posted by Huemor (@huemordesigns) on

3. The Ability to Throw Money in a Perfect Formation

Money Friday$. ???

A photo posted by Huemor (@huemordesigns) on

4. Amber

CEC: Chief Executive of Cuteness, Amber! #adayinthelife #jug #pug #agencylife #puppylove #huemor

A photo posted by Huemor (@huemordesigns) on


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