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A little over four years ago, Jeff and I started Huemor the way a lot of design shops begin: with a couple freelance projects and two desks set up side-by-side in a family member’s basement. Now, Huemor’s grown to 15 really sharp designers, developers, and marketers.

The Huemor team for People's Champion Pixel Award!

An almost up to date shot of the team.

We use the hashtag #WrldTkOvr mostly tongue-in-cheek, but it’s a little bit serious. The goal for us is to create memorable experiences, and it’s the benchmark we hold each of our projects to, starting back with the first sites we built.

We’re not stopping any time soon, but for the moment, it’s nice to step back from the work and reflect on how far we’ve come. We’re proud of the projects we worked on, the clients we’ve gotten to know and collaborate with, and the awards that have recognized our efforts. There’s nothing better than the gratification of building something that works, but the awards are a nice reminder that we’re doing something our peers notice and respect.


People's Champ Huemor web design company work


We’re proud to be nominated for this year’s “People’s Champ” Award from the Pixel Awards. Looking at the other nominees, we feel like we’re in pretty good company and frankly, it’s good enough just to be included among them. We didn’t spend much time thinking about awards when we were sitting in that basement and we try not to spend too much time thinking about them now, but man… sometimes it’s nice to just look back at how far we’ve come.

Thanks for helping us get there.


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