November 10, 2016

If A Website Is Worth Building, It’s Worth Promoting

By Jeff

We’re focused on providing human-centered SEO that our clients understand. We want to share that.

For the past year and a half, we’ve been building out our marketing team to better serve our clients as we launch their digital platforms, e-commerce shops, and social experiences. Now, we’re proud to announce that Always Found, our SEO and marketing division, is taking on its own new clients.

It’s an Important Time for Us to Launch.

We’re constantly reading RFPs and project briefs that devalue, de-emphasize, and sometimes ignore the SEO process. We think there are a few reasons for that:

  • there’s confusion in the space over the roles of search, social, and paid media in driving traffic and which are worth investment
  • decision makers don’t understand how SEO works and therefore don’t understand the opportunities it offers
  • previous experience with a marketer who used questionable tactics that ultimately harmed their ranking has spoiled their perception

All three are valid reasons, and they’re why we think our approach to SEO is unique: we’re focused on providing human-centered SEO that our clients understand and can learn to do themselves. To make SEO more accessible for anyone who wants to promote their business online, we’re offering a variety of services, from training and consultation to location-based SEO to full-service contracts, so we’ll be able to help clients of all sizes. If your budget doesn’t allow for a full agency engagement or you’ve got a team that can do the work in-house but need a little guidance, we’ll teach you what you can be doing. If you’re looking to turn web traffic into foot traffic for your retail store, we can help. And if you’d like us to build a program that ropes in your PR, social outreach, and other marketing efforts, we can do that, too.

A lot of SEO companies don’t want to shine a light on what they do; it’s easier when the client feels like they need to hire someone to do the work for them. That doesn’t work for us, though. We got good at this by trying things, doing the research, and learning as much as we could from our own experience. We want to share that.

Do You Want To Make Something Memorable? We're ready to help.

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