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We create conversion-focused WooCommerce websites that people remember.

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A data-first strategy that will help you increase revenue.

Your custom WooCommerce website will be informed by extensive customer research. We study your customer, their motivations, their barriers to purchase, and how they interact with your current website.

Analytics & Data

Historical data and customer surveys inform our WooCommerce web design efforts. Data analysis, combined with customer feedback, shows us where we can make improvements to your WooCommerce store.

User Behavior Tracking

Visual data tools help us analyze your customer's current user experience. Our WooCommerce experts identify potential issues and make necessary changes to improve the overall experience.

An attractive WooCommerce design keeps your customers' needs in focus.

Your ecommerce store needs to be more than just amazing at the surface level. Our user-centric design approach makes sure every touchpoint of your ecommerce site is well thought out.

Style Guides

Our web development experts create visual style guides that ensure design consistency from top to bottom.

Interaction Design

To deliver the best WooCommerce solutions, our website developers focus on micro-interactions throughout your site to improve customer experience.


Featured WooCommerce website redesigns 🔥

Here's a small selection of our most recent WooCommerce design and development project launches. Want to see more?

"We considered 5 companies before deciding on Huemor. After our extensive online research, Huemor stood apart due to their creativity, tech-savvy, and passion for the UX"

- Tracy Lisowe, Marketing Director, Buechel Stone

Customized websites for all platforms and verticals.

Beyond WooCommerce design and development, we are experts in the world's leading web platforms and serve clients in every vertical. Whether for B2B, technology startups, ecommerce, or small businesses, we're sure to have a website solution perfect for you!

The download on WooCommerce.

Building a WooCommerce website can be really complex; that's why we've compiled this extensive list of FAQs and resources to help you along the way.


Woocommerce web development basics

As one of the top WooCommerce web design and development agencies, we make every effort to communicate and educate. Here are some additional resources for you to learn about WooCommerce ecommerce development and our approach. Have a question not answered here?

Even a modest increase in conversion rates for a custom WooCommerce website with significant sales can lead to a notable ROI.


For example, an improvement from 3.1% to 3.6% in conversion rate for an ecommerce store with $5,000,000 annual online sales will yield over $806,596 in extra sales every year. To see how this may apply to your business, check out our conversion rate calculator.

In addition to WooCommerce, the other ecommerce platform we design and develop websites for is Shopify. Check out our Shopify web design and development page for more!

Our average WooCommerce website redesign project averages $50,000-$100,000 based on the size and complexity of the online store. This is inclusive of a two-day strategy workshop, full UI/UX design, custom theme development, content writing, and on-site SEO. For a more accurate estimate, be sure to check out our project calculator.


If you're not looking to redesign your entire WooCommerce website and would rather work on WooCommerce theme development and optimization of your existing store, we offer Grow packages starting at $5,000/month.

Everyone has different business goals. That is why our dedicated WooCommerce developers provide a wide range of ecommerce development services for our clients. Here's how we typically decide what service our clients are a better fit for:


Website redesigns are best for organizations undergoing a major rebranding, looking to migrate from a different WooCommerce platform or have larger, structural issues with their current WooCommerce online store.


Conversion rate optimization is best for organizations that have an established WooCommerce store they’re comfortable with and are looking to increase conversions, sales, and improve the overall customer experience.

As a leading WooCommerce development company, we’ve designed a 6-month roadmap to study your website traffic, observe issues/opportunities with user experience, identify quick wins, and systematically execute and measure improvements to your WooCommerce ecommerce site.

Month 1 - CRO Audit

Through a mix of user testing and data analysis, our development team will perform a CRO audit of your current WooCommerce template. We'll focus on Mobile, Desktop, and Performance opportunities. Some of the key project details we'll identify are:

  • Priority levels
  • Problems/Opportunities
  • Potential Solutions
  • Issue Types (Design, Technical, Conversion, Internal)
  • Bucket (Quick Win, Test, Other)

Month 2 - Roadmap + Quick Wins

Our teams will collaborate by taking our findings and creating a 6 month Grow roadmap. From this, you'll have a clear understanding of where we're going to have the biggest impact. This month we'll also focus on executing the quick wins adjustments.

Months 3 - 6 - Improvements, Testing, and Reporting

Our dedicated team of experts will systematically perform conversion tests on your website and make custom development improvements that result in higher conversions and increased revenue. Walking you through the how, why, and impact, every step of the way.

Project Kick-off

We start with an in-person or virtual project kick-off that often takes place over the course of 1-2 days. In this kick-off, our team will perform a series of exercises to better understand your brand, your customers, current challenges with existing WooCommerce themes, and goals for future growth. We'll also dig into things like website structure, categorization, and design.


Strategy & Design

We'll then create a series of documents such as a key takeaways document, user personas, user flow charts, initial website wireframes, and mood boards.


Based on our research and observed user behavior we'll iterate with your team as your development partner in a collaborative fashion to create responsive designs that both you and your customers will love.


Development & QA

After we've both arrived at a point with the visual design where we're completely satisfied we'll transition over to WooCommerce custom theme development. Our WooCommerce web designer creates comprehensive visual guidelines for our development team to execute.

Our approach to QA has five layers:

  • A round of technical QA is performed by your Web Developer.
  • A round of visual QA performed by your UI/UX designer
  • A round of functional QA performed by a Quality Analyst
  • A round of holistic QA performed by our broader team
  • A round of holistic QA performed by your team

This multi-layered approach ensures our website's launch and performs flawlessly on day one.



Our WooCommerce website development company helps brands migrate online stores quite frequently.


Our WooCommerce experts will handle the data migration of products, customer and order data, as well as third-party integrations with your CRM, ERP, IMS, and other order management systems. We have a wealth of experience in WooCommerce migrations and can ensure a smooth transition for your business.


If you're just launching your product, we can assist with your WooCommerce website setup and advise you on WooCommerce maintenance best practices for product setup and payment gateway integration.

We’ve been building websites with WooCommerce for nearly 10 years, working with some of the most complex catalog and direct ecommerce WooCommerce websites out there. To see some of our work, check out our case studies page.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don't actually rely on any third-party themes.


We've developed our own custom WooCommerce website theme dubbed 'Space Station for WooCommerce.' Space Station is a minimalistic base theme optimized for things like:

  • Page speed
  • Flexible content sections
  • Search engine optimization

With this solid foundation in place, we then develop completely custom child themes via our WooCommerce website design services for each of our clients that take advantage of these optimizations.

We predominantly design and develop WooCommerce websites for beauty, fashion, and technology companies but have experience in B2B development, industrial, and other sectors.


To get a better sense of who we’ve worked with, check out our client list.

Huemor is first and foremost a web design company as well as a web development company. Our focus on website design and development has allowed us to become one of the top web design agencies in the United States with a track record of successful website deployment across multiple industries and types of companies.


We are not a digital marketing agency per se but we do offer a limited range of digital marketing services including:

  • Paid advertising (Google, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Search engine optimization

We're also totally comfortable collaborating with your existing teams and ongoing marketing strategy.

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin. It lets you turn a basic website into a website with a shop. WordPress can’t do that by itself. When you install and activate the WordPress WooCommerce plugin, you can add products, a shopping cart, and a checkout. Once you've integrated WooCommerce into your website, you'll have access to a multitude of WooCommerce extensions. WooCommerce extensions are specialized WordPress plugins, designed to work alongside the WooCommerce plugin.

Yes, in addition to offering ecommerce web design, we are also a full service web development agency. We develop amazing ecommerce websites on WordPress and Shopify.

WooCommerce Blocks is a WordPress WooCommerce plugin that offers a range of blocks a WooCommerce developer or site admin can use to build and customize your site, making it easy to add new features and functionality.


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