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Page Speed Optimization Service

We help companies increase conversions with our page speed optimization services.

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The preferred page speed optimization agency.

Optimize your website speed, improve website conversions. You need every advantage you can get. A faster website will positively impact conversion rates and Google rankings.

Detailed Audits

It starts with page speed testing to identify key issues. By improving your website performance, we improve your overall website usability and reach your target audience more effectively.

Transparent Reporting

After changes are implemented to your website, we will provide you with detailed reports indicating improvements to page speed, as well as to conversion rates.

Accelerate organic search growth.

Google Core Vitals now factor website speed and user experience heavily in rankings. A slow site has a negative impact on your website traffic.

Google Page Speed Optimization

Each website is tested against Google Page Speed insights. We average an 85 or better for most sites.

Google Core Web Vitals Optimization

We optimize for Google Core Web Vitals, Google’s overall health check for development and user engagement.

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Page speed optimization across web platforms.

Whether you’re on Shopify, WordPress, Drupal, or Hubspot, we are your web speed optimization agency.

Shopify Speed Optimization Service

Your Shopify store needs every advantage. Not only does it need to have the right UX features to drive conversions, it needs to be blazing fast, as well.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

WordPress is convenient to build on, but can suffer from a bit of bloat. Let’s make your WordPress website load fast and get a great PageSpeed Insights score.

“HIGHLY Recommend Huemor. We've worked with them coming up 6+ months now. If you need a client-focused web design agency that takes the time to understand your brand, your vision, your products, and then your audience - then Huemor is just that!”

- Jordan Smyth, CEO, Gleamin

Web Platforms, Services, and Industries.

We pride ourselves on being more than just your average website design and development company. We are also experts in website speed optimization, helping our clients improve website loading speed and rank higher in the Google search engine results pages. We serve clients in every vertical, including but not limited to B2B, technology startups, ecommerce, and small business. No matter what your needs are, we are sure to have a solution that is perfect for you.

Page Speed Optimization basics.

Have questions about optimizing your page speed? Here are some FAQ, tips and best practices to help you gauge your site’s page speed optimization and figure out what you need to do to improve it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.


Page Speed Optimization FAQ

Have questions about website speed optimization, or speed optimization services? We do our best to answer common questions here. Have a question not covered here?

As a website owner, you're always looking for ways to increase leads and sales.

You've tried different tactics like analyzing your web content, optimizing your user interface, fine-tuning your ads, and trying to craft the perfect offer, but sales aren't blowing up like you'd want them to.

Faster websites sell more (73% more to be exact).

We help businesses increase their website speed by 50% on average, resulting in lower bounce rates, better customer experiences, and increased sales.

Even a modest conversion rate increase for an ecommerce website with significant sales can lead to a notable ROI.

For example, an improvement from 3.1% to 3.6% in conversion rate for a site with $5,000,000 annual online sales will yield over $806,596 in extra sales every year.

Since pages loading faster equates to better conversions, you can expect a positive ROI over time from improving your site’s speed.

Our website site speed service is a one-time fee that starts at $2,500 USD and scales up based on the size and complexity of the site. However, most businesses will fall within the $2,500-$5,000 range.

Our website speed optimization service is a one-time fee and will improve the load times of all pages throughout your website.

That being said, over time as your website grows or changes, it’s not guaranteed that all of our performance optimization improvements will automatically apply to future iterations.

As you implement new HTML coding, CSS code, or image files, it’s possible that your site may slow again. If that happens, don’t worry: we’re happy to help again in the future if needed.

In no particular order, the top factors for ranking on Google include:

  • high-quality content
  • mobile-first responsive design
  • page speed
  • page experience and user experience
  • on-page optimization
  • internal links
  • external links
  • the authority and recognition your brand has within your industry

Google definitely prioritizes speed when it comes to ranking search results, giving an advantage to websites that load quickly over sites loading slowly.

If you’ve conducted a website speed test and found your website loads pretty slow, there could be a number of reasons why your site is showing a slow load time. 

If you were working on speeding up your website load time in the past, your site may already be in line with some of these best practices:

    • Minimize HTTP requests
    • Minify and combining your JavaScript and CSS files (if you have a WordPress site, using plugins makes the process simple)
    • Use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files
  • Minimize time to first byte by using Chrome developer tools
    • Enable file size compression by using standard Gzip compression software application
    • Enable browser caching
    • Enable image optimization
    • Use external hosting platforms
    • Optimize CSS delivery
    • Prioritize above-the-fold content - (lazy loading)
  • Reduce redirects


CDN stands for content delivery network. A content delivery network (CDN) is a collection of servers located at different geographical locations around the world that work together to deliver content more efficiently. When a user’s browser requests files from your site, that request is routed to the closest server. This will improve users' experience via faster loading time and reduced bandwidth usage.

In addition, CDNs can improve reliability by providing a total cache of your site’s content. If one server goes down, others can pick up the slack. As a result, CDNs are an essential tool for improving website speed and performance.

When looking at hosting servers, you have three different options:  

  • Sharing hosting 
  • VPS hosting 
  • Dedicated server.

If you’re at a point where your traffic levels are slowing down your server response times, it may be time to switch from shared hosting to a VPS, or from a VPS to a dedicated server.

The best place to get started is to try to combine your HTML, JavaScript and CSS files. Using plugins like the WordPress WP Rocket will make your work easier. To make additional improvements to your WordPress site speed, you need to enable browser caching by using a plugin like W3 Total Cache. Define the maximum image size. Reducing the image size could likely have a big impact on the amount of time your WordPress page takes to load. Another step to reduce rendering time is using lazy loading.

Optimizing CSS, reducing image sizes, and other enhancements will make a big difference for your website’s speed—on WordPress or any other platform!

We absolutely do! We have an entire branch of our business dedicated to conversion optimization services for existing websites. These services include things like:

  • Data and analytics
  • UX audits
  • Landing page design
  • Conversion optimization
  • A/B testing
  • Multivariant testing
  • Split testing
  • Monthly reporting

Absolutely. It’s common for our web development company to collaborate with internal or external digital marketing teams.

Throughout the course of a project, we often help these teams set a better structural foundation for SEO, set up smarter segmentation, and improve goal- and event-tracking.

Post-launch, we can collaborate with your marketing team to produce new landing pages, website sections, and lead magnets, or we can assist with aspects of the marketing work ourselves.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don't actually rely on any third-party themes like an off-shelf WordPress theme or Magento theme.

We've developed our own custom ecommerce website theme dubbed 'Space Station for Ecommerce'. Space Station is a minimalistic base theme optimized for things like:

  • Page Speed
  • Flexible Content Sections
  • Search Engine Optimization

Our multipurpose Shopify themes and WordPress themes are highly customized to each brand’s needs, and those of their target customer.

We absolutely do! We design websites for companies of all sizes and types, across all major platforms. Our web design services include:

  • Shopify websites
  • WordPress websites
  • SaaS websites
  • Small business websites
  • Startup websites
  • Ecommerce websites
  • ...and much more (just ask)!

Yes! Huemor is also a full web development company! We also offer a full range of other services, which you can read about on our website services page!


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