Ever Growing App Store From Shopify Experts

Shopify’s partner program with app developers adds a lot of variety to the core platform which both extends and improves your stores functionality. As a Shopify Plus expert agency, we help you find the perfect applications for your store as part of our ecommerce website development process.

Check out some of their Shopify Plus App Store for yourself.

Key Features

  • Level 1 PCI DSS compliant servers
  • Extensive App Store
  • Advanced templating engine
  • Increased API access
  • Intuitive Back End Interface
  • Priority Account Management

A Better, Faster Shopping Experience

Your Shopify ecommerce website needs to be fast. While we take great care in minimizing requests, image file sizes, enabling compression and a myriad of other performance improvements, Shopify’s core platform doesn’t disappoint. Powered by 1700 CPU cores, 6 TB of RAM and 200 TB of Storage their servers can handle even the largest, most in demand shops. Pair that with their CDN, Fastly and you have a platform that can handle 500k hits per minute with ease. Your server speed and server downtime is no longer a concern.

System Integrations Galore

Do you have an ERP, CRM, shipping, accounting software or marketing tool that you’ll need integrated in your website? No problem. If the app integration doesn’t already exist, Shopify provides an API to be able to connect all the aspects of your business. The more automated we can make your process the better. We’ve implemented software like: Quickbooks, Mailchimp, Netsuite, Hubspot, and more for our clients.

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