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Landing Page Design Guide

Building a Landing Page That Delivers

What are the basic elements that all landing pages need to include? How can you make a landing page more effective to get the results you want? Take a look at our free, in-depth Huemor report to learn everything you need to know to build a successful landing page.

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01 - What a Landing Page Needs to Accomplish

What a Landing Page Needs to Accomplish

A landing page shouldn’t just state what you do. It needs to address the customer’s concerns, show the customer a path forward, and convince your customers that you are the best and only choice.

02 - Landing Page Rules to Live By

Landing Page Rules
to Live By

There are a couple of elements that every landing page needs to have to set it up for success. These include specific and well-placed CTAs, proof that your company is the best choice throughout the page, and the “guide” position your company takes in the journey to your customer’s success.

03 - The Secret Formula For The Perfect Landing Page

The Secret Formula For The Perfect Landing Page

The perfect landing page will include an impactful opening frame, an empathy statement, challenges and the path forward, proof, and the cost of inaction. The way that these aspects of the page are utilized is essential to its success.

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Incase you weren't already convinced...

We've had over 1,000 people take us up on this guide. Here's what these 4 had to say about it.

This framework follows the structure of a great brand story. Show impact, show empathy, press on those pain points.

Do that and you'll take people down a journey to booking a call with you.

Jason Vana

CEO, SHFT Agency

Literally follow this and you will convert, unreal man!

Josh Sanders

Personal Brand Manager, Chris Donnelly Ltd

This is high-value content. Making your messaging clear is one significant part of a converting landing page. When people don't understand what you do, they're gone.
Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Azubugwu

Freelance Copywriter

Great share, really well explained 🤩

Mikey Howe

CEO, Content Crew