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Contact Form Design Guide

Unleash The Power of Your Contact Forms

Contact forms are the unsung heroes of conversion. However, not just any contact form will be successful. Check out our free guide on how to create contact forms that convert at 2-3x the industry average.

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01 - What to Avoid in Form Fields

What to Avoid in
Form Fields

Contact forms need to walk a thin line between collecting information and respecting the customer’s privacy. More personal information, like phone numbers and house addresses, can hurt your conversions as the customer may find those fields too personal to fill out.

02 - Best Practices in Form Design

Best Practices in
Form Design

The design of the contact form plays a crucial role in conversions. When creating the form, there are a lot of elements that need to be considered. Size consistency, visibility of labels, placeholder text, and standout buttons all need to be utilized correctly to guarantee success.

03 - How to Get The Most Information From Your Form

How to Get The Most Information From Your Form

Just because the contact forms need to have minimal fields doesn’t mean they will give you minimal information. The key is using email automation to send an immediate follow-up email. If the more detailed questions are included in an email, the customer is more likely to answer them.

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Incase you weren't already convinced...

We've had over 1,000 people take us up on this guide. Here's what these 4 had to say about it.

Spot-on about keeping forms short! I have seen improvement in submission rates after reducing the number of fields in my forms.

June Manley


Impressive insights, thanks for sharing your expertise! Excited to apply these practical tips and elevate our online presence. Much appreciated! 🙌

Laksh Rawal

Google Ads Specialist

The advice on input states is so on point. Users should never be left guessing what went wrong if there is an error.

Carmine Silveria


I've found that placeholders have significantly improved my form completion rate as well. It just makes it so straightforward for users.

Corey Preston