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Jeff Gapinski, president and co-founder of Huemor Designs, asks the question: how do we improve the average e-commerce conversion rates for smartphones?  However, the answer is not that simple.  Besides the fact that most web teams just have more experience with desktop websites, a traditional desktop has more screen size and  better connectivity which is better for load times.  Jeff’s solution is simple, focus on your UX!  By prioritizing website performance and optimizing your products for browsing, basically making it a better mobile user experience for customers, all can lead to sales conversions.


“Desktop and tablet experiences still out perform average mobile conversion rates by double or greater. There are a number of limiting factors surrounding technology which inhibit the full potential of smartphone conversion rates” he said.  “However, there are a number of fundamental issues with e-commerce websites platforms today that can be corrected to improve average mobile conversion rates on smartphones. With smart planning, and diligence, issues with website performance should be a non-factor.  Understanding how, and when customers use their smartphones to shop is also key to raising conversion rates.”


This article first appeared on the Huemor blog, but has been picked up on numerous internet news outlets, including


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