A Look Back At Our Agency In 2014

2014 was an amazing year for our interactive agency. We have had the opportunity to bring more people on to the Hue-Crew, work with new clients, launch some awesome projects and have some fun along away.

A Shift in Focus

In 2011 when we opened our doors our intention was to be a full-service creative agency. We worked with print, marketing, video, photo and web. While this approach allowed us to produce some amazing work, it was also restricting. As a small team, having our hands in everything really stretched our bandwidth. Mike and I realized even if we were able to do a lot of these things well, it wasn’t really a scalable business model. We decided scaling back our offerings would help us excel in the long run. So in 2014 we started to get the ball rolling for our shift from a full-service agency to an interactive web design company focused on user experience.

So what does this mean exactly? Well, over the course of 2014 we started to shed services that didn’t directly relate to the process of building digital platforms and applications. We also refocused existing team members to lend to various aspects of the build process. This has allowed our team to produce increasingly complex digital platforms faster and more efficiently than ever.


Welcome To The Team

Alex and Mark at Huemor in 2014


In 2014 we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming a couple of new people onto our team. Alex, who started interning with us in 2013 is now a permanent fixture in the Hue-Crew. Mark, while he hasn’t officially started yet, is our newest developer and will become another great asset to the team.

We would also like to give a shout out to the design, marketing and development interns who worked with us over the course of the year. Amanda, Brendan, Cristianna, Gonzalo and Rachel, we wish you all the best.


New Friends

New partners for Huemor in 2014

We’re firm believers that for any product to truly be great, every level of service provided for the product needs to be top-notch. This year we took it upon ourselves to research, find and align ourselves with key service providers that allow us to deliver better end products. Forming partnerships with Rackspace and Nexcess has ensured that our clients now receive top-of-the-line hosting and support.

As Mailchimp supporters for several years now, we were honored this year by being inducted into the Mailchimp experts program and asked to be an agency partner.

As a predominantly Magento shop we never really thought we would have love for another e-commerce platform; Shopify proved us wrong on that one. Being able to attend their workshop, meet the platform developers, service technicians and customer service team face-to-face was an awesome experience. After learning more about the platform and developing some killer Shopify websites, we were offered the opportunity to be certified Shopify Plus Experts.

Lastly, our alignment with west coast SEO powerhouse, Titan SEO has proven to be extremely valuable. We strive to provide nothing less than great for every web platform we design and develop, Titan does the same for making those platforms visible.


New Clients

New Clients for Huemor in 2014

This year we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with 17 new clients. While all of their needs and problems may vary, our goal is to provide them with digital platforms that meet those needs and remove obstacles.

A big thank you to Live Nation, Henry Schein, Rug & Home, Recognition Source, Texas Teachers, Whipsmart, Des Case, The BP Group, Inventively, Paladin Inc, Club Getaway, Runners Edge, Todd Yahnney, Google Apps Experts, Spanning Backups, Better Listen and Better Learn for deciding to work with us.


Ready Set Launch

launch! with Huemor in 2014

This year we’ve launched 10 new web projects for our clients. We helped Color Club re-launch their Pro, Distributor and Shop websites with their new brand direction. We worked with Whipsmart on developing their first ever fully fledged digital platform, highlighting their engineering, design, manufacturing and fulfillment prowess. We helped Inventively reach new demographics by improving their front-end website experience, and helped improve their work -flow by improving their back-end application process. Last, but not least we helped The BP Group experience more organic growth and lead generation than ever before by vastly improving their digital platform.


Ooh, Shiny!

awards for Huemor in 2014

2014 brought us a lot of success with our projects. We have won 21 awards this year. Some of which are our first W3 and Davey awards and recognition on industry standards lists such as Top Interactive Agencies, 10 Best Web Design, Best Web Design Agencies and Clutch.


So, What’s Next?

What's next for Huemor from 2014 to 2015

While we can’t predict the future, we can say for certainty that complacency is not in our culture. While we’ve had many great successes this year, we’re definitely looking to make 2015 just as, if not more, successful for our team.

We’ll be kicking off the first quarter of 2015 with 5 new project launches for our clients.

Also, partly because we’re crazy and partly because we’re always looking to improve ourselves we’ll be launching a refreshed version of our website that better communicates our brands values and re-aligned vision. Check out a new and improved Long Island digital agency!


Interested In Working With Us?

Interested in having Huemor improve how you tell your story online? Want to learn more about opportunities to become part of our team? E-mail us, sayhi@huemor.me

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  • Lorianne Weiss Jan 3, 2015 4:31 am

    Happy New Year! It is so inspiring to see Huemor find its niche and grow to dominate the web. Super proud of everyone! 2015 watch out!- Lori

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