Long Island Web Design Company

Huemor's long island web design company team having a real casual meeting
Some whimsical art in the long island agency office
Huemor's pug mascot, Amber, held by her father, Mike Cleary
CEO Mike Cleary taking risks on a scooter in the long island office

An Hour From The City, A Mile From The Sea

What began as a Long Island web design company has grown into an award-winning, multifaceted agency that partners with industry leaders to create memorable online experiences.

We live on Long Island and we work on Long Island because it offers the best of both worlds: some of the best beaches on the planet, a bustling craft beer community, and a quick train ride into Manhattan. We’re surrounded by inspiration and able to take advantage of it with a healthy work/life balance.

Office Vibes

  • An Open, Fun & Flexible Space There’s art on the walls, beer in the fridge, and an X-Box in the lounge. Once a month, when the work day ends, a movie night begins.
    Amie Smiling In The Farmingdale, Long Island Office
  • Amber and her trusty side-kick Viv probably begging for a treat
    Dogs Welcome Amber runs the show in NY... by which, we mean, she sleeps all day and is available for walks, face licking, or nudging you out of your chair. She’s friendly, though. We promise.
  • We Work Outside Whenever Possible Sometimes you just have to walk away from your desk. In addition to the lounge, we have a patio set outside to take advantage of the cool breeze on hot days.
    Norm Rocking On A Unicycle Outside of Farmingdale Long Island Office
  • Penny board in the Farmingdale, Long Island Office
    Scooters, Longboards, and Unicycles Welcome It’s not a very big office, but sometimes it’s just more fun to roll. It’s not uncommon to hear someone shout before coming through a doorway like a golfer yelling “fore!”

LI Web Design Company HQ

1855 New Highway, Ste A
Farmingdale, New York 11735

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Monday to Friday, 9 to 6

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