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We’re explorers and experimenters, at least in the digital sense: we’re always on the lookout for what’s new, what’s different, and what’s never been tried before, what works and what doesn’t. We tinker and fuss and nudge and — often to the chagrin of our developers — scrap it and start over if it doesn’t feel right. It’s our mindset with our clients and when it comes to our own site: how do we make it memorable?

So we’re excited, after exploring and experimenting for several months, to launch our new site, codenamed Mangosteen. As we’re celebrating five years in business, it’s kind of like a birthday present to ourselves: new look, new launch sequence, and new features to play with as we add more content.

The Team of Long Island Web Design Company, Huemor

Driven By “What If?”

Looking back, we didn’t really need to redo the whole thing. We had a perfectly good site that was interesting and attractive and working well. We liked it! But there was more to the rebuild than what we liked and what we didn’t. We saw it as an opportunity to explore new technologies we haven’t had the chance to experiment with yet, and a chance to update our voice and brand to reflect the growth we’ve undergone in the past year.

Part of what makes working at Huemor exciting is the constant evolution of what we do, and working on our own site lets us ask the “what if” questions of ourselves that we ask our clients. We’re not afraid of questioning our brand’s identity, because we know that it’s how we discover how we’ve grown.

Huemor's web design projects are shaped by experience and ambitious in approach.

Project Takeaway

Find Room for Reinvention

The most memorable part of our previous sites was always the rocket launch when the user got to the site. There was a big “lift-off” button for the user to click and when they did — which was often — the screen filled with smoke and then zoomed up from the bottom of the homepage to a space scene at the top. We got a lot of emails about it. We’d walk into pitch meetings and be introduced as “the shop with the rocket guy” (we call him Rocket Buddy around the office…).

When we first started talking about replacing Rocket Buddy with a different illustration, we almost had a mutiny. But the team came around. We realized that the same thinking that came up with Rocket Buddy in the first place could help us set the bar even higher this time around, and we think it did. The element still retains the same excitement as the old intro, but is fresh and new.


In its fifth year of business, Huemor continues to grow as an award-winning web design and development agency whose work sells, persuades, and inspires.


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