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Every brand has a story to share, but some are easier to communicate than others. In the case of American Casting & Manufacturing’s new website, it took a little digging and some creative strategy to find the best approach, but we always knew its potential. It turns out that the best story for American Casting & Manufacturing isn’t necessarily a story, it’s the security seal products themselves and how they’re displayed.

Brand New E-Commerce Capabilities

When they came to us, ACM didn’t have an actual e-commerce platform. The site had product info, but no ordering mechanism, and customers had to receive quotes and place orders through email or telephone. To solve this issue, we constructed a convenient price quote and sample request page to record a user’s requirements, and we’ve already seen an increase in requests.

To go with the upgraded quote and sample request pages, we built a new e-commerce platform on Magento to make shopping easier for customers and management easier for the client. The user-friendly design is continued with saved transaction history for easy future ordering.

Streamlining the Process

With over 240 distinct SKUs on the site, each seal is designed for a specific purpose. Having so many product variations can be confusing to customers, so we focused on helping them find the right one. Model numbers are useful for customers who have them handy, but customers don’t always have them. The solve was making product images, which can be used to identify the right seal for the customer, easy to browse and displaying function-specific descriptions alongside the unique product SKUs. The large images and clear categories were the best choice for navigation. Those unsure of where to begin can also navigate by application, including transportation, medical, food service, and more.


On the individual product pages, photos change based on the model specifics to provide an added visual cue for the user. Often, they might know what seals they use based on looks, but not the technical specifications to reorder them.

Project Takeaway:

The Design Process Differs for Every Industry

Even though the applications of seals are incredibly specific and industry-tailored, the tactics that work in other e-commerce sites are just as valid here. No matter what products are being sold, an easy navigation, intuitive product customizations and a frictionless cart are necessary for landing conversions.

Experience the Design: www.seals.com

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