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Zingle helps brick-to-click companies like hotels and restaurants enhance and automate their customer experience.

We helped Zingle navigate some key growing pains and get better analytics from their website. The result is both a cleaner website experience and better insight into their customers. 



Services Applied

Digital Strategy

Web Design

Web Development

A/B Testing

Conversion Optimization

Hubspot Integration

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01 The Problem Zingle was growing too fast for their website.

There was nothing wrong with Zingle’s website. It checked all the boxes.


Aesthetically pleasing? Check.
Clear messaging? Check.
Brought in business? Check, check, check.


But things fell apart whenever Zingle wanted to make changes.


Creating landing pages was too time-consuming.


Collecting proper analytics wasn’t feasible with their current tech stack.


They couldn’t add job postings without hours of puzzling over the tech.


Zingle needed a change. They needed a website that could move as fast as they do.

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02 The Challenge How do you design for everything?

Fast-growing companies value flexibility. 


And Zingle exploited theirs. They added new products and changed existing ones. They hired new people. Zingle experimented with their messaging and marketing all the time. 


It was obvious to the team at Huemor that Zingle needed an agile website that would help them pivot when they wanted. 


But how do you build something to grow when you’re not sure what that growth entails?

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"Their biggest strength is their knowledge of the WordPress infrastructure that they’ve built for themselves. Their process is so precise that they can be on a screen share with us and make adjustments to the dev site in real time. We never had to wait for a quick turnaround."

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James Cameron Creative Director, Zingle
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03 The Solution Huemor's Process Wins Out

Zingle needed something to let them jump in, edit, and deploy changes to their website within minutes. That was the first goal. 


The other goal was to design a site structure that was broad enough to accompany future growth but specific enough to present an intuitive user experience. 


This is where Huemor's process shines: between weekly meetings and fast iteration times, Huemor was able to stay focused and deliver the website Zingle wanted despite some personnel changes within Zingle. 

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04 The Results Fast Action, Guaranteed

Huemor is still collecting data from the new website, but the reaction from both Zingle and Zingle’s customers has been overwhelmingly positive.


...And that problem Zingle had when they came to Huemor? About not being able to make changes to their website?


No longer an issue. Zingle is much more agile thanks to their new website.


Zingle and Huemor will continue working together for the foreseeable future—both parties are excited to extend their partnership. 

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Do you want a website like this one? We can help with that.

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