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Sun King.

Sun King, or originally known as Greenlight, sells solar power items such as self-sustaining lighting and TVs at a lower cost to third world countries. We helped them with a full website redesign to better position their brand.

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The Objective.

Sun King was rapidly scaling up operations to better serve its customers. We needed to improve their WordPress website design; specifically, their communication, positioning, and cohesiveness of user experience ahead of a key investment round.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Page Speed and User Experience

Their target audience are customers who have limited access to a consistent stream of electrical energy or a power source. Due to this, it was important for us to make sure that Sun King’s website loaded at a quick speed and only the most important information and images were kept minimalistic.

Targeting Several Audiences

Sun King’s website needed to speak to both customers and investors. For customers, we needed to clearly present the benefits of the products and make purchasing them super simple. For investors, we needed to sell the bigger picture and long-term goals of the company.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Website Design
Website Development
Content Strategy





The homepage features a hero header video that depicts Sun King business operations and how they are able to prove solar power to their customers. There are also quick statistics of what they have been able to achieve along with a couple examples of their products. This allows both potential customers and investors alike to get a quick grasp of what Sun King does and help them to decide if they would like to purchase their product or invest in their company.

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About Page.

The about page is really where Sun King can share information about their company and stand out to their investors. This page allows Sun King to share images of how their company is making a difference as well as highlight the people that are making that difference. Statistics of their company are also housed on this page to back-up Sun King and their good being done from their social entrepreneurial venture. This is especially valuable information and an important page within Sun King’s website to their investors.

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Product Collection Page.

The product collection pages were a key aspect of the Sun King website design plan. They display the various product offerings of Sun King by showing them side by side depending on their product usage. One product collection showcases products that use solar power to provide light within a home while the other product collection page showcases products meant to be used as a lantern. By separating into product collections users are able to quickly find products that best suit their needs as each page displays the products along with a short explanation of each product.

Product Collection Page - Solar Home Systems.

Product 1 Sun King@2x

Product Collection Page - Solar Lanterns.

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Product Page.

Each of the product pages highlights what each product includes, the purpose of each of the pieces included and how it’s being used. The copy is kept short to help maintain page speed as well as describe each product without taking away too much time from the potential customer or investor.

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