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Stone Source

Stone Source is a design-driven company that has been offering architects, designers, and homeowners a vast range of high-quality natural stone, tile, and ceramic products for 30 years.


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We elevated Stone Source’s online brand image by giving them a strong, easy-to-manage platform, which offers an enhanced user experience and a better representation of their premium-quality products.

01. The Challenge Simplfying access and management of a sprawling, varied product library whilist approving their aesthetic.

Founded in 1988, Stone Source had enjoyed significant growth over the past three decades. With 10 showrooms across the United States and around 200 employees, they have effectively become a cornerstone of their industry.

However, while they weren’t struggling, the Stone Source team was well aware of the shortcomings of their old website. It did little to reflect the value of their high-end products, and as such, it offered them little in terms of lead generation or new business.

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02. The Solution An intuitive user journey customers love.

This company had been in the industry for 30 years and already had a well-established brand and business. There were no immediate concerns for the longevity of the company.


Stone Source was founded by people who wanted to make the architectural process easier and more efficient. Sometimes, the most simple ideas are the greatest.


Huemor wanted to show Stone Source how they could use their website to stand out in the same way they had done back in the 1980s - by being unique, and through offering their customers a smoother, more enjoyable user experience.

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Do you want a website like this one? We can help you with that.

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