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Rosé Mansion.

Rosé Mansion is an interactive wine tasting adventure that combines a wine bar, an Insta-worthy amusement park, and a science museum into one epic dreampark.


The Objective.

The Rosé Wine Mansion was already well-known throughout New York City. Their social media was on fire. They had great press coverage. Influencers were coming through every week.


With a focus on growth and expansion, Rosé Mansion needed a major upgrade to their website. They needed to better explain what Rosé Mansion is all about, set expectations for the experience, and deliver an improved ticket purchasing process to their customers.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Not a vinyard. Not a theme park. Something else.

As you'll be able to tell from the pictures, Rosé Mansion doesn't fit neatly in any particular category. It's unique and difficult to capture without experiencing it first-hand. Nevertheless, we needed to find a better way to depict what it was through there website.

Complex ticket ordering optoins through OvationTix.

Rosé Mansion offers a number of different events on a daily basis. Aside from their standard daily bookings, one could sign up for an individual event or purchase an event package. Out of the box, OvationTix doesn't do any of this, so it required some smart engineering through their API to make it match Rosé's needs exactly.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Full-stack Development
Motion Graphics/Animation
Copy Writing
OvationTix Integration




The Rosé Mansion is quite an experience. It's pink, it's glittery, and every room is its own little world. We wanted to show some of this off on the homepage, but not too much so we can leave visitors with some surprises. Strategically, we chose to highlight key events followed by discounted event packages you could purchase for your next group hang.


The Results


Increase in overall conversion rates


Increase in top-line revenue


Average order value



Tyler, one of the co-founders of the Rosé Mansion, told us he wanted to create a space for adults to play. We created cheerful illustrations to make the site fun and arrows to guide eyes to relevant CTAs.

Color Change

As you scroll the site, the background color changes as if you're traveling through different rooms of the Mansion.

Social Slider

The Instagram slider makes it easy for visitors to get a real look at what actually happens in the Mansion through UGC.

Packages Accoridon

Instead of listing all the packages (and creating a long, bloated page), we used an accordion to minimize the visual noise.

How it Works

As previously mentioned, Rosé Mansion is a unique experience, making this section of the site very important. A clear stepped approach design takes a visitor through a general overview of the experience. We also used this as an opportunity to give the visitor little tips to make their experience even better.


Packages Overview

It was brought up in our discovery that you had to call Rosé to get information on party packages, and you only came across that information if you noticed it when purchasing a ticket in their old system. This seemed like a huge opportunity for improvement. We helped Rosé define and deliver their party packages on the new iteration of their site. Ultimately, this was a major factor in increasing their average order value.


Individual Packages

We designed a flexible individual packages page that can quickly deliver the information people need.


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