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Revitalash is an industry leader in eyelash serums that can enhance hair growth, hair care products, and makeup.

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Key Services

UI/UX Design, Full-Stack Development, Digital Strategy

The Objective

Revitalash specializes in serums that can enhance eyelash growth, as well as other haircare and makeup products. As an industry leader, they needed a website that reflected their status.


Their redesign needed to elevate their current, outdated look to a modern, editorial aesthetic that represents their brand more fully. It was vital that the user experience was streamlined to keep up with other competitors in the industry.


Additionally, shopping on the website needed to be easier, with more of the information and data about their products readily available.


Revitalash - 05 - Before


Revitalash - 05 - After
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01. Design System

Global Design

Revitalash needed to represent their status in the industry by completely redesigning their website. This involved creating a lighter, brighter aesthetic with a more editorial feel. Warmer colors like beige were used to add warmth to the website.


The redesign also took a more clinical approach in the way that it displayed its products, information on what they’re meant to do, and the ingredients that they contain. It was essential that their website set them apart as a company whose products really work.

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Revitalash - 06 - Body Card
Revitalash - 06 - Colors
Revitalash - 07 - UI Kit
Revitalash - 02 - UI Kit
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02. Research

Research &

Revitalash began with one original lash conditioner that was created by a physician to help his wife feel beautiful during her battle with cancer. It has now evolved into an industry leader in eyelash serums, hair care products, and makeup. Their website needed to be upgraded to reflect the success of their products and make shopping for them easier.


We accomplished these goals by creating a website aesthetic that is editorial, lighter, and elevated. We presented their products with more information and data about them available. We also streamlined the process for customers to make purchases.

Revitalash - 08 - Persona Card (01)
Revitalash - 08 - Persona Card (02)
Revitalash - 08 - Persona Card (03)
Revitalash - 09 - Sitemap
Revitalash - 03 - Sitemap
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03. Creative


When you first reach Revitalash’s home page, you are met with a beautiful picture displaying a number of their elegant-looking products. It is followed by the current promotion that’s running and a CTA to “Shop Now,” which makes it easy for a customer to take action immediately.


Toward the middle of the page, there are editorial displays of their different collections and products, offering information like size and price, as well as CTAs to effortlessly add these products to your bag. Stunning images are mingled in, creating a clean, sophisticated aesthetic.


At the bottom, there’s an explanation of their touching origin story, as well as a section that highlights their blogs. Beneath that, there is a scrolling display of their Instagram posts to straightforwardly add them on social media. Finally, there’s a box to sign up for their emails.

Revitalash - 11 - Homepage - Sec01
Revitalash - 11 - Homepage - Sec02
Revitalash - 11 - Homepage - Sec03
Revitalash - 11 - Homepage - Sec04
Revitalash - 11 - Homepage - Sec05
Revitalash - 04 - Homepage - Sec01
Revitalash - 04 - Homepage - Sec02
Revitalash - 04 - Homepage - Sec03
Revitalash - 04 - Homepage - Sec04
Revitalash - 04 - Homepage - Sec05
Revitalash - 04 - Homepage - Sec06
Revitalash - 04 - Homepage - Sec07

Mobile Design

For Revitalash’s redesign, it was crucial that their website could be adapted to a seamless mobile experience. It had been extremely unfriendly for mobile shopping before the redesign. But after, it became the most dominant channel for sales.

Revitalash - 12 - Mobile-Frames

Product Pages

After the redesign, the product pages presented their shopping options in an easy and interesting way. There is 3-panel imagery at the top of the page that shows the product, lifestyle, and texture imagery all at once. There is also a stick box with a link to check out that follows the customer as they read more about the product, making it simple to make their purchase no matter where they are on the page.

Revitalash - 13 - Product Pages - Sec01
Revitalash - 13 - Product Pages - Sec02
Revitalash - 05 - Product - Sec01
Revitalash - 05 - Product - Sec02
Revitalash - 05 - Product - Sec03

Blog Pages

For the redesign, the blog pages were elevated to have a more editorial aesthetic and an interactive experience. They have a varying grid layout with different sizes to keep the look fresh and direct toward different aspects of the page as you continue to scroll. The addition of the “read more” buttons when the customer hovers over blogs encourages interaction with the content.

Revitalash - 13 - Blog Page - Sec01
Revitalash - 13 - Blog Page - Sec02
Revitalash - 13 - Blog Page - Sec03
Revitalash - 13 - Blog Page - Sec04
Revitalash - 13 - Blog Page - Sec05
Revitalash - 13 - Blog Page - Sec06
Revitalash - 05 - Blog - Sec01
Revitalash - 05 - Blog - Sec02
Revitalash - 05 - Blog - Sec03
Revitalash - 05 - Blog - Sec04
Revitalash - 05 - Blog - Sec05
Revitalash - 05 - Blog - Sec06
Revitalash - 05 - Blog - Sec07
Revitalash - 05 - Blog - Sec08
Revitalash - 05 - Blog - Sec09
Revitalash - 05 - Blog - Sec10
Revitalash - 05 - Blog - Sec11

Collection Pages

The collection pages were redesigned to push the boundaries of the grids that can be used in Shopify. These grids seamlessly incorporate callouts and imagery aside from the product tiles themselves to provide a cleaner, editorial aesthetic.

Revitalash - 13 - Collection Pages - Sec01
Revitalash - 13 - Collection Pages - Sec02
Revitalash - 05 - Collection - Sec01
Revitalash - 05 - Collection - Sec02
Revitalash - 05 - Collection - Sec03
Revitalash - 05 - Collection - Sec04
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