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RapidSOS helps significantly reduce emergency response time with advanced location data.

About The Project

Rapid SOS was faced with three major challenges:


  1. They were having difficulties explaining the value of their software to both investors and prospective customers.
  2. They were quickly producing new solutions and didn’t have a good way to highlight their value on their website.
  3. They needed to grow fast but had difficulty attracting high-quality candidates.


Over the course of 4-months we collaborated with Rapid to help restructure, re-design, and reposition their digital presence.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Full-stack Development
Motion Graphics/Animation
Copy Writing
Hubspot Integration

Multi-lingual Solution



2 rapid sos home min scaled 2
3a rapid sos graphics min
3b rapid sos icons min

We created a unique set of playful illustrations that were consistent with their logo's personality.

Animated Map

The animated map in the hero banner shows RapidSOS's presence across North America and visually communicates the impact they make.

Animated Graphics

Animated graphics, such as the one featured to our left are used throughout the site to help draw attention to key points and details about RapidSOS and the problems they're addressing.

Tabbed Sections

The use of tabbed sections on inner pages allows them to touch on a multitude of topics in a focused way, without adding unnecessary page length or clutter.

Product Page

4 rapid sos emergency api min scaled 1
6 rapid sos cta min
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