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Quirk Creative

Quirk Creative had made their mark by producing some incredible videos for big brands. However, their fantastic talents were being undermined by a poor website. Huemor revamped the site, visualizing the true essence of the client’s brand to propel Quirk to greater things.



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01. The Challenge Quirk’s original website generated less than 20 leads in one year.

Quirk had forged a sterling reputation in video creation, bringing life to big ideas and brand campaigns for major brands. The company had carved out its niche in the industry, specializing in producing creative video ads across a range of channels.


Their videos were getting results for their clients, but they knew it could be so much better. Despite their obvious talents, the website wasn’t generating leads. This was costing Quirk a lot of business, and their longevity in such a competitive industry in the digital age depended on finding a solution.

02. The Solution Beating the initial timeline to wrap everything up in just six weeks.

Tons of companies can produce videos. Quirk would need to differentiate to maximize their potential, and that meant Huemor needed to focus on what Quirk brought to the table outside of their technical skills.


Luckily, Huemor had plenty of experience in this field before, and so they hit the ground running. This helped Huemor and Quirk form a strong partnership that was destined to produce big results.


With a custom website template, and Huemor’s unique insights and design skill-set, Quirk’s website was soon turbocharged.

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"Everything they brought to us on day one of their build was exactly what we wanted. (I’ve worked with a lot of contractors and that never happens.)"

Gaelan Connell
Creative Director
Quirk Creative
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03. The Results Within just three months, an incredible 600% growth in leads soon paid testament to Huemor’s great work.


Boost in Organic Traffic


Drop in Bounce Rate


Increase in Average Session Duration

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