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Technology: WooCommerce
Timeline: 3 Months

Territory makes high-quality clothing for man's best friend.

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An e-commerce experience focused launching a new pet brand


Territory is a brand made by people who love their dogs and created for owners who want to provide their pup’s with comfort; whether they’re taking their dog on a hike or binging on Netflix in their living room.


With a nation wide test run set for the near future, the pressure was on to develop a website that both captured the brands identity, and appealed to the average Target consumer.

Our Goal:

To create an online experience that matched their in store experience and communicated the craft and value of their product.


Digital Strategy, UI/UX Design, Front & Back-end Development

Original Territory3 compressor

WHAT WE DID With two distinctly different collections, we wanted to make sure we captured the spirit of both while still keeping a clean and consistent website experience.

Original Territory2 compressor
Original Territory4 compressor
Original Territory compressor

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