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While net2phone is a leading name in business cloud communications, the company maintains a human touch, claiming to be large enough to serve you but small enough to know you. We helped net2phone develop a modern, fun, and interactive website that their customers love.



Services Applied

Digital Strategy

Web Design

Web Development

A/B Testing

Conversion Optimization

Hubspot Integration


Typography and Color

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01. The Challenge net2phone's website wasn't a good reflection of where they are today.

Since 1990, net2phone has been investing in innovation. However, their website didn’t reflect the giant strides the company was taking in the communications industry. Despite their burgeoning reputation, net2phone relied on old-school marketing methods and their website lacked soul and emotion. Because of that, conversions were few and far between.


When net2phone teamed up with us, Huemor’s CEO Jeff Gapinski recognized the problem immediately.


“Their website lacked the ability to drive people down a path, and when they did arrive at a section where they could convert, both the copy and design weren’t compelling enough to push them over the edge.”

Custom Animations & Illustrations

To bring a bit of additional surprise and delight, we crafted a series of custom animated illustrations to better communicate the features of the Net2Phone product.


02. THE SOLUTION Ultimately, net2phone had a simple goal - to have a modern, user-friendly website.

The revolution began with a look at their user data, which Huemor collected by using Hotjar to track visitor behavior on the old site for two weeks.


“We were able to gain a lot of key insights from both live user sessions and heatmaps to help us both fine-tune the layouts of the site and the overall user journey," explains Jeff.


As the UI/UX designer, Taylor Stefanko was instrumental in developing a clear vision of the new site. A fresh color palette and practical animations were nice additions; she believes that restructuring the navigation was the key change.


By breaking up the solutions to provide two dedicated pathways for small businesses and enterprises, net2phone could offer a better user experience that speaks directly to the needs of each target audience.

Old and Newb-min
FIG 1. Product page in motion
FIG 2. Product page expanded
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FIG 3. Speak to an expert page

03. THE RESULTS Conversion rates, leads, and time on site increased dramatically.

“The numbers absolutely blew away projections. A 1,364%+ increase in leads is almost unheard of for an established brand," says Jeff.


The audience loves the new site and it looks like they have more to look forward to in the future, according to Jeff. “We will continue to collaborate with net2phone to improve, and grow their digital presence.”


With their audience already on cloud nine, it looks like the sky's the limit for net2phone.

What Do the Numbers Say?

Leads increased by 1,364%
Overall conversion rates increased by 85%
Site-wide bounce rates reduced by 12%
Time on site is up by 178%

What They Have To Say


"I had a short list of web design companies I spoke to based on some online research. I ultimately chose to work with HUEMOR because I liked the quality of their previous work and the fact that their team was approachable, had a good sense of humor, and was confident about meeting our timelines."


Will Weinraub

Head of Product Marketing


Do you want a website like this one? We can help you with that.


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