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net2phone, a subsidiary of IDT technologies is their innovative VOIP provider for small-to-medium-sized brands.

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The Objective.

Since 1990, net2phone has been investing in innovation. However, their website didn’t reflect the giant strides the company was taking in the communications industry.


Despite their burgeoning reputation, net2phone relied on old-school marketing methods and their website lacked soul and emotion. Because of that, conversions were few and far between.


We helped net2phone develop a modern, fun, and interactive website that their customers love.




What We Did

Digital Strategy
Web Design
Web Development
A/B Testing
Conversion Optimization
Hubspot Integration


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To bring a bit of additional surprise and delight, we crafted a series of custom animated illustrations to better communicate the features of the Net2Phone product.

Animated Intro

net2phone's product has a ton of features. To give users an immediate understanding of the key functionality we developed this simple interactive graphic.

Feature Sections

Continuing with the concept of the homepage hero frame we developed a series of additional graphics focused on key parts of the tool. We also paired them with expandable feature tooltips. The end result is a clean, fun presentation of the software.

Solutions Page

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Plans Page

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"I had a short list of web design companies I spoke to based on some online research. I ultimately chose to work with HUEMOR because I liked the quality of their previous work and the fact that their team was approachable, had a good sense of humor, and was confident about meeting our timelines."

- Will Weinraub, Head of Product Marketing

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Want to create something memorable?

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