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Technology: WordPress
Timeline: 4 Months

Navatar helps modernize and streamline how financial organizations operate

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A website experience focused on product education & thought leadership


The tech world is complicated, flooded with a dizzying number of custom solutions and integrations. The finance world complicated, too, entangled with labyrinthine regulations and constantly shifting markets. Navatar specializes in providing technology solutions for finance companies, which requires expertise that blends the intricacies of both fields.


They came to us because their website was outdated and had grown to a point where the amount of information presented overwhelmed users. We figured out how to communicate a complex message without trying to say too much.

Our Goal:

To create a quick an easy way for their customer to find the most relevant product offering and turn those product offerings into robust, multi-media hubs of information.


Digital Strategy, UI/UX Design, Front & Back-end Development, Hubspot Integration, Whistia Integration, SEO

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WHAT WE DID Sometimes, it’s not the amount of information that’s an issue, it’s the way it’s presented. For Navatar, that meant changing the way product stories were told and organizing that information in a way that is easily digestible and gives users a clear path to find out more if they want.

Qualified Leads Increase 60%

Conversion Rates Increased 276%

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A FEW KIND WORDS FROM NAVATAR “I would definitely recommend Huemor to others. My company needed a website that addressed a number of competing priorities, and Huemor was able to navigate these complexities to deliver a very satisfactory product. They were professional and patient throughout, and was very thoughtful in their approach.”

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Cindy Hustveit, Marketing Director

Do you want a website like this one? We can help you with that.

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