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Mission Stone & Tile.

Mission Stone & Tile helps their clients express themselves through interior design. Through careful evaluation of materials and suppliers all over the world, they have selected products that offer high design at a high value.

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The Objective.

After over a decade of success, Mission Stone & Tile had recently been acquired by Stone Source to become their direct to consumer branch.


As a newly acquired company, they needed an agency to help standardize their product library in the parent company's system, migrate their ecommerce store to Shopify from their legacy e-commerce platform, and deliver a completely redesigned website with a look, feel, and experience that better aligned with their parent company.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Standardizing and organizing complex product data.

Up until the acquisition, they didn't have a true standard for organizing product data. Collections were added ad hoc several times a year through a very manual process. They needed a unified, bulk way of managing complex product data.

A custom material calculator.

If you've ever re-tiled your bathroom or kitchen, you've probably stressed over how many tiles you actually need. Mission needed a way for their customers to easily determine how much product to buy for their project.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Web Design
Full-stack Web Development
Instacart to Shopify Migration
Data Management


Shopify Plus


Mission's homepage features a flexible slider that allows the content manager to easily pair the right layout with the right photo. Strategically, we wanted to highlight things like their customer service, press features, and most loved products.

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Material Calculator

Each product page has a material calculator that allows customers to easily figure out exactly how many boxes of product they'll need for their project.

Product Categories / Collections

Due to the vast array of materials, finishes, colors, and applications, it was critical customers could easily filter products in a variety of ways. It was also important for us to create a consistent way of displaying each product on these pages so the customer could quickly make visual comparisons with little effort.

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"They listened to our input and interpreted it well. In addition to understating our clientele, they built each website with our internal staff in mind. Approaching the project from a business standpoint in addition to a design standpoint helped them succeed. They’re smart, dedicated, and capable."

- Kelly Thomas, Frmr Sr. Director of Marketing, Misson Stone & Tile

The Results


Increase in overall conversion rates


Increase in top-line revenue


Average order value

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