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Leap provides an all-in-one suite of ticketing, mobile apps, experiential marketing, merchant services, and management tools for running a successful, unforgettable event.

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Key Services

UI/UX Design, Full-stack Development

The Objective

Leap empowers organizers to optimize every aspect of their event management from ticket purchases to on-site activities. This includes ticketing, mobile apps, experiential marketing, merchant services, and management tools.


They needed a memorable website experience to match the quality of their services. It was essential that their redesign included a complete elevation of their aesthetic. They also needed to integrate their branding more seamlessly into their design for a cohesive look and feel.


Additionally, a crucial aspect of their redesign had to be an improved user experience that made it easier for potential corporate partners to connect with them.


Leap - 05 - Before


Leap - 05 - After
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01. Design System

Global Design

It was advantageous for Leap to elevate the design of their website to portray their sophistication and the quality of their services. This included integrating their brand colors, as well as their branded shape in their backgrounds.


The redesign also utilized clipped text over their headlines and incorporated more movement on the website to represent the memorable experience someone would have at a live event.

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Leap - 06 - Body Card
Leap - 06 - Colors
Leap - 07 - UI Kit
Leap - 02 - UI Kit
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02. Research

Research &

Leap focuses on businesses that want to optimize every aspect of their event to create a smooth, memorable experience for everyone involved. Their website needed a revitalized look that represented their brand more fully, a user experience that was more intuitive, and a simplified way for potential corporate partners to connect. It all needed to be accomplished on a shorter timeline, too.


We achieved these goals by elevating the overall aesthetic of the website, integrating their branding seamlessly into the design. We streamlined the user experience so that the website is easier to navigate, particularly for potential corporate partners.

Leap - 08 - Persona Card (01)
Leap - 08 - Persona Card (02)
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Leap - 09 - Sitemap
Leap - 03 - Sitemap
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03. Creative


When you first reach Leap’s home page, the movement of “Elevate The Experience” steals your attention right away. It sets the tone for the company, showing that their ultimate goal is to create fun, lively experiences. Without wasting any time, it’s followed immediately by a CTA to “get started now.”


Toward the middle of the page, it’s further explained what Leap does through a visually stunning video, descriptions, and an easy-to-follow breakdown of what their technology is capable of. You can also find a scrolling list of major organizations that Leap has worked with.


Near the bottom of the page, there are colorful infographics that explain the benefits of working with them on their event. Finally, there is an eye-catching CTA at the very end that takes you to their contact page.

Leap - 11 - Homepage - Sec01
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Leap - 11 - Homepage - Sec03
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Mobile Design

Leap’s website redesign needed to be adapted to be very mobile-friendly. It was essential that the aesthetic, user experience, and load times were unaffected by which device was accessing it. We ensured that both the website and the mobile version performed effectively.

Leap - 12 - Mobile-Frames


The navigation on the website was updated to include cheerful, fun images to convey that the end goal of Leap’s services is for everyone at the event they’re assisting with to have a great time.


The navigation is seamlessly interactive and well-organized. When opened, the backdrop is a lifestyle image of a man cheering at an event to continue to advertise the experience that Leap is offering.

Leap - 13 - Navigation - Sec01
Leap - 05 - Navigation- Sec01

About Page

The About Us page is unique with its colorful, playful display of the company’s values, as well as the interactive timeline of the company’s history. The timeline starts in 2001, and you can click and drag the timeline over to reach the next stage of their development until it concludes with its current state.


The entire page gives an excellent view of the company’s goals, values, employees, and, most importantly, its energy. Like with the rest of the redesign, the aesthetic is vibrant and energetic with a smart use of white space.

Leap - 13 - About - Sec01
Leap - 13 - About - Sec02
Leap - 13 - About - Sec03
Leap - 13 - About - Sec04
Leap - 13 - About - Sec05
Leap - 05 - About - Sec01
Leap - 05 - About - Sec01
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Leap - 05 - About - Sec03
Leap - 05 - About - Sec04
Leap - 05 - About - Sec05
Leap - 05 - About - Sec06
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Industries Pages

The industry pages were upgraded and redesigned to present the specific industries that Leap works with in a captivating, picturesque fashion. The main industry page provides a scrolling list of big names that they have collaborated with, as well as stunning lifestyle images to represent each industry that they work in. For each industry, there is a link that takes you to the specific page surrounding that industry.

Leap - 13 - Industries - Sec01
Leap - 13 - Industries - Sec02
Leap - 13 - Industries - Sec03
Leap - 05 - Industries - Sec01
Leap - 05 - Industries - Sec02

Careers Page

Another highlight of the redesign is the careers page. It was updated to better communicate the values and culture of Leap and provides more information that job seekers are looking for.


It includes all of the benefits that the company offers, testimonials from team members who love their job, a closer look at their employees, a list of open positions, and a stunning map with an overlay at the bottom of the page.

Leap - 13 - Careers - Sec01
Leap - 13 - Careers - Sec02
Leap - 13 - Careers - Sec03
Leap - 13 - Careers - Sec04
Leap - 13 - Careers - Sec05
Leap - 05 - Careers - Sec01
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